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Spektrix is the market-leading ticketing, marketing, fundraising and CRM system for the arts and entertainment sector in the UK and Ireland, and the fastest-growing competitor in the US and Canada. The Spektrix partner ecosystem connects arts, cultural and entertainment organizations with web developers, software providers, data analysts, consultants and other sector experts.

  • Share your services, products and expertise in our marketplace, the Spektrix Partner Directory
  • Receive support from Spektrix sales and client-facing teams to drive adoption of your product by 650+ client organizations
  • There's no cost for partners to integrate or collaborate with Spektrix, and we’ll support you for no charge
  • Because all of our clients are on the same version of Spektrix, you’ll be able to easily roll out your integration to multiple clients
  • We’re working with Zapier: Opening up the number of potential integrations, you have the option to integrate with us directly or via Zapier

Our clients’ business needs are our first priority. Partnerships increase the value of both our solution and yours to our shared clients, establishing a long-lasting three-way relationship. Our retention rate is 99%+, meaning that once you’re working with a Spektrix client, you too are likely to retain that relationship in the long term.


“As new partners, the support we received from the team at Spektrix has allowed us to execute projects quickly and easily for major clients like Barbican Centre, Curve Theatre, and Edinburgh International Festival. A Spektrix Senior Data Specialist worked closely with our team to understand our needs and design solutions for us.”
Anna Wessely, Chief Technology Officer
“Spektrix has an open, generous, collaborative approach to working together, which means we know we will always achieve the best possible results and deliver the most value to the organisations we partner with.”
Ash Mann, Managing Director
Substrakt, UK

It’s easy to build web integrations with Spektrix:

  • Free developer support from the Spektrix team
  • Full integration documentation on the Integration Portal
  • Pre-built web components and iframes ready for styling available at no cost

As a cloud-based, Software as a Service platform, Spektrix hosts all the data that powers our users’ ticketing operation on our servers. We provide a set of tools to allow developers to integrate their websites with our platform, delivering a streamlined experience to shared clients and their customers.

Spektrix provides three tools that can be used to build web integrations:

  • A set of pre-built, unstyled web pages, designed to be styled and placed on the client's site as iframes.
  • A RESTful, JSON-based API that can provide more flexibility in design and user journeys.
  • A set of web components that can be embedded and configured to provide an enhanced customer experience for actions such as purchasing merchandise and making donations.

By mixing and matching our integration tools, you can configure the online customer journey based upon the client’s priorities and business needs.

Integrate with Spektrix

We’re making your integration with Spektrix straight-forward:

  • Full integration documentation on the Integration Portal.
  • Connect to one client or many by developing a single integration with our cloud-based, multi-tenant system.
  • Receive free developer support from our team.

Once you’re working with one or more Spektrix clients, you too are likely to retain that relationship in the long term. Spektrix is our clients’ main tool for managing sales and customer relationships, so when they’re looking to purchase another key customer-facing product to scale up their business ambitions, you’ll be perfectly placed to meet their needs once you’re integrated with Spektrix.

Integrate with Spektrix

Collaborating with Spektrix - what’s in it for you?

  • Regular opportunities to communicate your offer across our growing user base.
  • Opportunities to participate in our client communications and events program, exploring topics ranging from CRM and data to social change, digital innovation and healthy working practices.
  • Collaborate with us on a growing bank of data insights across the arts, culture and entertainment sector.

Spektrix is committed to the shared success of the cultural and entertainment sector and to reaching the widest possible range of organisations. That means our team includes sector strategy experts as well as software engineers, and is why our consultancy reaches far beyond tech support into strategic planning and business growth. And as a certified B Corp, that commitment’s written into our constitution for the long term.

That’s why we love collaborating with experts across the cultural sector, to understand your area of practice more deeply, to share that with our clients, and to do more together than any of us could manage apart.


We know that partnerships  help our clients achieve more. As part of our partnership, we will introduce you to our clients. You can look forward to promotional opportunities ranging from features in newsletters to 18,000+ Spektrix users, access to branded assets, joint blog posts and case studies to presenting your solution in webinars and meeting the Spektrix community at events.


Partners are not asked to pay Spektrix any fees. Our priority is to support our clients to find the best products for their unique needs while extending the utility of Spektrix across their business. There is no cost for partners to access our API or other integration tools, including Zapier, and we provide full documentation and support for any partners, also at no cost.

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