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Spektrix Philanthropy Series 2023

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Enhance Your Arts Fundraising Strategy

At Spektrix, we're committed to supporting you with the practical tools and insights you need to achieve your fundraising goals. We designed our 2023 Philanthropy Series, Fundraising+, to empower you and your team. Each event explores how fundraising connects to every part of your organization. Packed with system knowledge and dynamic strategies, these events enable you to make the most of Spektrix and gain inspiration from your global community. 

Thank you to everyone who joined us live at these events. All four Fundraising+ sessions are now available to view on demand. 

Watch all four events on demand

Fundraising+ Collaboration

14 March 2023

When teams communicate effectively and support each other’s work, your donors experience the difference.

In this webinar, Jordan Fisher, Director of Development at Symphony Nova Scotia, Canada and Claire Pilsbury, Development Manager at Theatr Clwyd in Wales discuss strategies for cultivating a shared vision to make fundraising everyone’s priority

They cover:

  • Tips and tricks to strengthen cross-departmental communication
  • Ways of connecting with colleagues across teams to support shared goals


Fundraising+ Your Website

24 MAY 2023

Watch Fundraising+ Your Website to learn technical tips and strategic guidance that will enable you to take advantage of your site’s broad reach. 

In this session, discover:

  • The technical tools available to drive donations on your site
  • Example websites from Spektrix users who are achieving success with these tools
  • How to create a seamless donor journey that supports giving
  • The vocabulary necessary to advocate for Fundraising priorities with web developers
  • Strategies to tell a consistent and powerful story about your mission and impact across your entire site


Fundraising+ Ticketing


The Spektrix Global Fundraising Team and industry experts from our partners Vatic and Indigo Ltd explore the relationship between Ticketing and Fundraising.

  • The relationship between ticket buying and donating
  • What total investment in your organisation means for your customers
  • How to leverage Box Office data for effective prospecting
  • Which incentives make sense to offer to donors and which don't

With this guidance, reach a greater understanding of how ticket sales and donations can work together to increase revenue and drive audience engagement.


Fundraising+ Marketing


Explore the benefits of a complementary approach to fundraising and marketing. The Spektrix Global Fundraising Team is joined by an expert from Dotdigital, which powers email automation within Spektrix, to share ideas and strategies for marketing to donors and fundraising to a wider audience. 

This event covers:

  • How to tailor emails based on audience behavior with dynamic content
  • How automated programs in Dotdigital can enhance marketing and appeals campaigns
  • Quick wins, like autotags and tailored checkout asks, that are easy to set up within Spektrix
  • Lots of best practice examples from Spektrix users


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