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Spektrix Data Insights

Information, inspiration, and ideas for arts organisations and teams

At Spektrix, we're committed to working with theatres, arts centres, music venues, visitor attractions and many more - providing the technology and expertise the sector needs to engage and deepen relationships with the broadest range of audiences.

As the technology partner of choice for the performing arts, we're in a unique position to analyse the largest database of arts audience insights existing today. Spektrix data insights support the industry to set benchmarks, share analysis, and promote connection between arts organisations and their audiences.

Explore data snapshots on this page, and delve deeper to find expert analysis, peer success, and practical resources to help you beat the benchmarks in your own venue.


Where does our data come from?


arts & culture organisations


million tickets


million in donations

Returning audiences

How are arts audiences changing in the aftermath of Covid-19?

Ticket sales in 2023 were


of 2019 levels

Across the UK and Ireland, ticket sales exceeded pre-pandemic levels for the first time - but behaviour patterns looked very different across the sector.


In 2023,


of ticket bookers purchased for the first time

First time bookers were vital to the arts sector's recovery, forming more than half of all audiences.


of all ticket bookers return year on year

Reattendance and loyalty have recovered from the impact of the pandemic, but remains in long-term decline.



of new ticket bookers return year on year

The second visit may be the hardest of all, but can be key to long-term retention.

Understanding ticket sales, returning audiences, and first-time arts attendance data


We worked with Indigo Ltd to analyse and explore post-pandemic audience data across the UK.



Spektrix data, combined with expert analysis from Indigo, showed us that first-time audiences are critical to the sector's recovery. 

2023 saw record numbers of people booking tickets for cultural events, and the last two years have seen a higher proportion of first-time bookers than ever before. 

It's hard to keep first-timers attending regularly in the long term. But audience members who first bought tickets in 2022 are more likely to stay engaged than they were before the pandemic - creating a real opportunity to reverse decline and build a new, loyal, post-lockdown audience base.


Ticket Sales & Donations

Data on arts audience behaviours, from digital engagement to philanthropy


of transactions take place online

Online customer journeys are becoming ever more vital to arts organisations' success


35% on desktop

62% on mobile

3% on tablet


of donations are made online

Low-level donations in the purchase pathway are the bedrock of individual giving...



of donation value is given online

... but donation value is higher when your team members make the ask.

About Spektrix Data Insights


Where does our data come from?

Spektrix works with over 650+ arts and entertainment organisations across the UK, Ireland, US, and Canada. Our arts sector Data Insights include sales and donation data from the vast majority of our users, providing the most comprehensive dataset of its kind in the cultural sector.


What is Spektrix?

Spektrix is the leading solution for CRM, ticketing, marketing, and fundraising in the arts and culture sector. Purpose-built to serve the needs of arts professionals, Spektrix combines cutting-edge technology with expert advice to help the sector, and its audiences, to thrive.