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Spektrix Spotlight Sessions:
Time Savers & Efficiencies

A two-part webinar

Make the most of your time

You're a hardworking Arts Professional, which means you're busy! These 30-minute sessions are packed with strategies to help you do more in less time with Spektrix.

Watch now to learn:

Ways to keep your data clean and in tiptop shape
How to streamline your reporting process
How to segment your communications using Tags & Attributes
Even more best practice tips, tricks and advice

Time Savers & Efficiencies I

July 2021

Our original Time Savers & Efficiencies session, packed with time-saving tips.

Time Savers & Efficiencies II

July 2023

In this webinar, you'll learn how to save time on operational processes and gain best practice efficiencies that can streamline the way you work.

Catch up on past Spotlight Sessions

Our 30 minute Spotlight Sessions are value-packed, full of information on key Spektrix features, tools and resources. Spotlights are designed to tackle common questions effectively and efficiently. You will walk away from these bitesize sessions with actionable tips, best practices, and innovative ways to use your system. Find them all in the Knowledge Library.

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