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An audience-friendly approach to GDPR

Finding a practical approach to General Data Protection Regulation compliance can feel daunting. In this free toolkit, you’ll get the tools to set your organisation up for GDPR success.

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Boldly Compliant: 
A guide to GDPR for performing arts marketers and fundraisers

This guide gives you an audience-friendly approach to GDPR so you can respectfully market and fundraise with your audiences. A must-read for arts marketers and fundraisers.

Download the main Guide
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Sample Legitimate Interest Assessment

Create and document Legitimate Interest assessments for your data processes.


Implementing GDPR in Spektrix

Practical steps to gain and maintain permission to contact your customers. 

GDPR Compliance Checklists

Whatever approach you choose, these checklists - for commercial organisations, non-profits or fundraising organisations  - are designed to help you comply with both GDPR and PECR in a way that will help you gain and maintain the right to contact customers and donors.

If considering a consent only approach, please read more.


Fundraising Compliance Checklist

Commercial Compliance Checklist


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Sample Data Processes Audit

See typical data processes in the industry and how our sample data processes audit can help your arts organisation start assessing the best legal basis for processing individuals’ data under GDPR.


Sample data processes audit

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Sample Privacy Policy

Use this document is as a starting point for creating your own policy that includes information about each type of data processing that your organisation performs, as listed in your Legitimate Interest assessments.


Sample privacy policy

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"A very big thank you for the GDPR toolkit. It’s wonderful to have such a useful document which clears up much of the gossip, rumours and worries surrounding GDPR."
"I've just been reading the Spektrix GDPR toolkit and I just wanted to say a big thank you to the Spektrix team for putting this together, it is SO helpful!"
"I thought it was the best and most helpful guide to GDPR that I have read (and believe me that’s a lot)."
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