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Ticket Subscriptions
and Loyalty

Monday 28 November, 2022

 2 - 2:45pm GMT

This event is designed for Spektrix users in the UK and Ireland.

Audience waiting for a show to begin

Is your current approach to loyalty the right one for you and your audiences?


Traditional approaches to loyalty may no longer work in a fast-changing world. In the Ticket Subscriptions and Loyalty event, we will learn how to make the most of changing patron behaviour. This session will introduce our new Ticket Subscriptions feature and present some first steps to reviewing your approach to loyalty.

In this session, we will

  • Use data to understand what's working now, and where there’s potential to boost reattendance.
  • Explore how different loyalty solutions in Spektrix can support your priorities, your programming and existing approach to loyalty.
  • Hear about arts organisations who are selling more flexible season passes, and why that works for them and their audiences.
  • Ask questions about the feature, the support we can offer, and your next steps.
salesperson handing tickets
Sarah Frost, a woman wearing an orange bobble hat, is looking over her shoulder and smiling

Sarah Frost

Client Insight Manager

I help our clients make the most of their data - consulting with individual clients to reach their strategic goals, and analysing trends and benchmarks across the sector. I was originally drawn to Spektrix because the mix of arts and tech was right up my street! I've loved being a part of the Spektrix journey over the years, as the company and client base have continued to grow.

headshot of Robin Sheffield, a man with brown hair wearing a denim shirt and glasses, smiling into the camera

Robin Sheffield

Solutions Architect

I demonstrate to prospective clients how Spektrix can provide the solutions and tailored support they need to best realise their organisational goals. With a background in the music charity sector, I love that Spektrix brings together my passion for the arts and helping people with my interest in technology.

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