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Get More From Your Point of Sale System with SalesVu and Spektrix

Get More From Your Point of Sale System with SalesVu and Spektrix

In the world of arts, culture, and entertainment, creating concierge-like experiences for merchandise and concession sales is paramount. 

The partnership between Spektrix and SalesVu is designed to modernize and connect sales pathways by offering a suite of innovative solutions that cater to the unique needs of theaters, arts centers and their guests. In this blog, we’ll help decision-makers in the arts and entertainment industry explore the benefits of this integration, including enhanced customer experience, operational efficiency, increased revenue, and competitive advantage.

SalesVu is a dynamic and innovative technology company specializing in providing cutting-edge point-of-sale (P.O.S.) and business management solutions for a wide range of industries, including arts & culture organizations. With a mission to empower businesses with intuitive, versatile, and user-friendly tools, SalesVu has become a valued partner for Spektrix. 

By integrating SalesVu with Spektrix, organizations can achieve streamlined workflows and provide a more cohesive experience for both staff and patrons. This synergy empowers organizations to efficiently manage ticket sales, memberships, donor relations, and marketing efforts, all while optimizing the overall customer experience. The integration between SalesVu and Spektrix not only enhances operational efficiency but also strengthens the connection between arts and cultural organizations and their patrons, ultimately driving success and sustainability in this unique and vibrant industry.




The power of SalesVu and Spektrix

With this integration, SalesVu uses customers’ email address, membership card, or ticket barcode to map them to history and profile in Spektrix. This way, customers can be recognized as members, loyal patrons, or donors at the point of sale, and automatically receive corresponding discounts or incentives.

gif showing the SalesVu interface, with relevant customer data pulled through from Spektrix to trigger relevant discounts


All bar and merchandise sales made by customers will be recorded in their customer profile within Spektrix. This valuable data empowers you to personalize their experience or offer them targeted promotions that suit their preferences.

Moreover, it’s simple to segment customers based on their ticket purchasing habits or in-house spending. You and your team will have the insights necessary to create more meaningful interactions with customers and encourage increased spending.


Benefits of an integrated point of sale system:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of your customers and what motivates their spending. That way, you can offer them a better experience and drive repeat visits or increased secondary spending.
  • Look up memberships and autotags from Spektrix to automate rewards and benefits based on behaviors; for example, identifying patrons who have attended 3+ times and spent over $80 at the bar.
  • Give customers automatic discounts on food or drink, based on their record in Spektrix.
  • View customers’ bar and merchandise sales on their customer record in Spektrix, giving you the information you need to personalize their experience or target them with relevant offers.
  • Segment customers based on their ticket buying patterns or front-of-house spending, and map sales patterns by genre, time of day, or audience profile.
  • Build up insights for every aspect of your program and use that knowledge to manage stock, target offers, and influence visual merchandising.

gif showing how data is shared between SalesVu and Spektrix to give arts organizations full visibility of customer interactions.



Streamlining theater food & beverage operations to maximize sales

Running an efficient and digitized food & beverage operation is expected by both guests and operators. 

From the time guests start thinking about their visit, to their arrival at the venue, and all the way to the after-show experience, they expect to have efficiency, personalization, and speed of customer service. 

Operators also benefit from having a streamlined operation with better control of inventory spoilage/costs and being able to receive even more customers without having to add more staff and labor costs.

Fortunately, SalesVu offers multiple ways to streamline F&B operations and customer service:

  • iPad-based app to manage waitlist and online reservations, with SMS text notification when tables are ready
  • Taking deposits for online reservations to avoid no-shows
  • Pre-authorized bar tabs
  • Time-based discounts for matinee shows
  • Splitting payments by seat automatically with one touch or via drag-and-drop
  • QR code ordering at every VIP table or at each seat
  • Curbside pickup for merchandise purchases
  • Self-order kiosk
  • Multi-location product and pricing management
  • Setting upsell items
  • Inventory tracking for ingredients
  • Automated out-of-stock notifications at the P.O.S. & eCommerce sales channels

View a demo video of SalesVu features


Maximize concessions sales during intermission with at-seat orders and pickup

Long intermission lines diminish the guest’s experience and impact concessions sales. Spektrix and SalesVu have tools to eliminate the line by enabling guests to pre-order the snacks and drinks that they want to consume during intermission.  The system allows guests to place their concessions pre-orders whenever’s convenient to them. Here’s how:

Upon purchasing their ticket

John buys tickets for ‘The Nutcracker’ for his family, and automatically receives a link to pre-order his concession items from Spektrix. It will continue to send him timely reminders to place the order before the day of the show. The link will send John to the SalesVu-hosted concessions purchase link where he can place his order and benefit from any eligible discounts, based on the status of his Spektrix account. The SalesVu AI-powered algorithm shows John the items that are currently trending, the best sellers, the new items that were added specifically for this show, his previous purchases since he is a regular visitor, and even recommendations based on items that people who have similar tastes have purchased. From this moment on, John feels excited about his visit and his anticipation builds with every step of the customer journey. Meanwhile, concessions managers can use SalesVu data to plan ahead for the performance. 


When they arrive at the venue

Staff members can easily scan the barcode on John’s ticket and automatically understand his preferences and rewards. John can enjoy special treatment and save on the price of his order by using his membership discount. Ven better, he can pre-order his favorite drink for the intermission, cutting wait time and improving his experience even further. Bartenders can use the time between the first half of the show to prepare those orders instead of being rushed during a fifteen-minute intermission. 


When they find their seat.

John’s kids are craving a snack, so they place an order from the comfort of their seats with a QR code. This concession website has a mobile-friendly user interface with a darker background ensuring that bright screens don’t disrupt the theater’s ambience. Bar staff can easily identify the seats and preferred delivery time, configurable by the venue - for example,  immediately, at the intermission, or after the show.  John and his family receive their snacks without interruption, either through an at-seat delivery or an SMS inviting them to the nearest pickup location. 


Offer tailored menus and prices with integrated data from your P.O.S. and ticketing software


gif showing the Spektrix and SalesVu integration, helping to identify what sells well for each audience or event type.


No two shows are the same, and neither should be the concessions offerings. Spektrix and SalesVu's partnership empowers organizations to tailor menus and prices based on show types and times of the day. This customization allows you to cater to the preferences of your diverse audience and optimize revenue generation. By delivering what patrons desire, you create a more personalized experience, leading to increased sales. 

The Spektrix and SalesVu partnership addresses the pain points of the post-COVID era while capitalizing on opportunities to enhance revenue streams and patron satisfaction. By leveraging these powerful features, organizations can create memorable experiences, drive sales, and solidify their position in the industry. An easy, effortless solution will give you new levels of efficiency, productivity, and revenue. It's a win for patrons, a win for organizations, and a win for the arts and entertainment industry.
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Veronica Tejada Amador is a Solutions Consultant at SalesVu