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Spektrix Values

Putting our purpose into action
on behalf of the cultural sector

We're part of a global movement using business as a force for good

At Spektrix we’re always working on behalf of the arts and entertainment industry, inspired by the passionate, committed and creative people who lead the way in ticketing, marketing, and fundraising roles. As a purpose-driven organization, we’re invested in the principle of creating profit by creating value for society - focusing on  success for all of our stakeholders as we develop our system, our support offer, and the program of events and services that help build connections across the Spektrix Community.

And, as the only ticketing and CRM solution to be certified as a B Corporation, we’re part of a global network of purpose-driven businesses prioritizing the needs of their communities, staff teams, suppliers, and the environment - making business part of the solution to society’s problems, and not a cause of them.

B Impact Report 2022-23

Spektrix Company Values


Our stakeholders' success is our success, so we seek the best overall outcomes considering the impact on all of them - including ourselves, our team, clients, partners and suppliers


  • We’ve developed a purpose-designed framework for measuring clients’ uptake of our system and support, helping us to understand and support every organization on a more individual level.

  • We launched Ticket Subscriptions - our custom solution for flex pass sales - and we’re continuing to test and add to that solution, helping the organizations we work with to build more frequent attendance and cross-genre discovery among their audiences.

  • With expert partners, we explored what audience loyalty looked like post-pandemic, and what might happen next, in content that’s available free of charge to Spektrix users and the wider arts and culture community.

two team members laugh together in the Spektrix nyc offices


We make it a priority to understand and support our colleagues, partners, users and the wider arts sector, in order to form a productive, constructive and positive community


  • We’re taking time to improve our inclusive hiring practices, to build and measure a culture of inclusion, and to share our learnings along the way.

  • We’ve established a plan to measure and understand our environmental impact, and to use our findings to reduce and minimize environmental damage on a long term basis.

  • We continue to iterate and improve on our hybrid working practice, trialing new measures and building on those that have the greatest impact on team wellbeing and success.

two team members talk and laugh at a together day event


We are always striving to be a better version of ourselves as an organization, as teams and as individuals


  • We’re making major changes to our system architecture, enabling engineers to build and run changes more efficiently and increasing the scale and speed of product releases.

  • We’re supporting team members to deliver effective personal feedback, driving individual and shared improvement within a workplace culture that’s productive, constructive and positive.

  • We’re developing company-wide and individual training opportunities for our whole team, and especially our managers, to ensure that every individual can thrive and grow.

two team members sit together and smile during a together day event in nyc
Michael Nabarro square
"Artistic, cultural and entertainment experiences are essential to individuals and communities. They uplift and inspire; they break down social division; they enable audiences to transcend difference and feel their shared humanity. The stories told on stages, in exhibitions, and at events can challenge long-held views, inspire action and drive positive change across society and for our planet. Our purpose is to build the reach, health and resilience of this essential sector through great technology, designed around their needs, and the support to thrive in a changing world."
Michael Nabarro
Spektrix CEO and co-founder

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