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Spektrix Welcomes Theatre Manager Users to Join Its Growing Community

Spektrix Welcomes Theatre Manager Users to Join Its Growing Community

Spektrix is set to become one of the largest arts ticketing providers in the US and Canada after reaching an agreement with Theatre Manager. 

As Calgary-based software company Theatre Manager hands over the reins, its 200+ clients across the arts and culture sector will be offered a seamless migration pathway to Spektrix. David McKeone, CEO of Theatre Manager, sees Spektrix as the only technology partner positioned to deliver long term success for Theatre Manager clients through futureproof software and client-centered service. The two companies’ alignment recognizes their shared, mission-first commitment to the arts and live entertainment industry and to the long-term success of their clients.


Working in partnership with the arts, culture, and entertainment sector


Spektrix was founded in the UK in 2007 by two software developers with a shared passion for theatre, who'd experienced first-hand the limitations of ticketing software. Since then, Spektrix has grown into a global market leader throughout the US, Canada, UK, and Ireland. Still privately held and led by co-founder Michael Nabarro, Spektrix works with 670+ organizations and 18,000+ arts professionals, remaining true to its mission of working in partnership with the arts, culture, and entertainment sector, helping teams to expand audiences, deepen patron relationships, and grow organizational health. Spektrix is the first and only unified arts CRM and ticketing provider to be certified as a B Corporation, demonstrating its commitment to using business as a force for good to benefit live entertainment organizations, patrons, and communities.


Combining forces to center clients’ needs


Theatre Manager, led by David McKeone, was founded in 1985 as part of Arts Management Systems, incorporating to become Theatre Manager in 1994. Working with over 200 arts, culture, and other live entertainment organizations in Canada and the US, Theatre Manager was designed to support the sector through robust, affordable, integrated technology, centered on the needs of its clients.

David McKeone, CEO of Theatre Manager, said:

“I believe that Spektrix is the only organization in the world that can carry the sector forward, continuing the work that Theatre Manager began almost 40 years ago. Our shared values, underlined by the B Corp certification which Spektrix achieved in 2021, will ensure the very best outcome for every stakeholder, and I’m thrilled to align our resources for the benefit of the sector.”


Mike Geller, President, Spektrix US and Canada, said:

“I’m delighted that David sees Spektrix as the right partner to help Theatre Manager users thrive in the long term. We’ve worked closely together to ensure a seamless journey from Theatre Manager to Spektrix, ensuring that every organization is fully supported in line with our shared purpose: serving the arts and culture sector with powerful, intuitive, futureproof technology, expert advice, and practical resources to connect better with audiences and communities. I’m excited to welcome these new members to Spektrix, and to collaborate ever more closely with a strong and growing Spektrix Community across the US and Canada.”