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Fundraising Partners

Build great connections and increase revenue

Access Partners

Help with access needs for your arts organisation

Spektrix partners have developed many fundraising tools, which allow you to build close connections with your VIPs through guest list management, take the stress out of one-off and recurring donation asks with simplified transaction paths, and give you more insight into donors. You can find our fundraising partners on the partner directory.

Two partners have created quick donation products which integrate into your website. These tools provide a quick and easy way for donors and customers to make donations to your organization without going through our standard/express checkout flow.

You and your colleagues may want to...

  • increase donations or introduce recurring donations
  • diversify or increase revenue
  • simplify donation processes


The Spektrix solution

Online donations can be managed by Spektrix. Customers need to log in to their Spektrix account in order to complete the donation and there are certain limitations - for example, recurring donations can only be handled by using our Membership auto-renew functionality.

On the Support Centre: Customer loyalty and fundraising

Partner solutions

Partner products provide quick ways for donors to give to an organization and increase the likelihood for ongoing support. Donation transactions are written back into Spektrix and added to an existing customer record or generate a new customer record if the customer is not already in the database.

There are two products currently available for clients:

  • Donate Flow from Ten4: This white-labelled fundraising platform slots into your existing website, letting you ask for one-off or recurring donations from your users without having to send them away to third-party sites. Payment methods include Direct Debit, and the platform allows for Gift Aid declarations. DonateFlow also comes with its own analytics dashboard.
  • Quick Donate from Substrakt: Quick Donate is a 1-step donation tool. You can apply your own branding to the tool so it will fit in seamlessly with the rest of your content, and you can also take Gift Aid declarations.

Do you need to change web developers to adopt these products? No. Even though these products have been created by two of our web developer partners, they can be integrated into your existing site regardless of who built the original site.

Your quick donation tools journey starts here - head to our Partner Directory to learn more.

Why Spektrix Payments?

At present, everyone selling tickets or other items through Spektrix also works with an Acquiring Bank or Card Processor, and one of four Payment Gateways - Opayo, WorldPay, Moneris, or Until recently, this was the simplest way to manage payments - few, if any, payment providers offered both payment gateway and banking or card processing services.

Those providers now exist, and we're working with Adyen to build a closely managed integration - similar to our relationship with Dotdigital - we're aiming to provide a payment solution that's even more streamlined, supported, secure, and affordable in the long term. Perhaps more importantly still, we'll open the door to contemporary payment technology like Apple Pay and Samsung Pay, which we know are top of mind for many users. 

We're still developing Spektrix Payments. But if you're thinking of making a change, now's a great moment to join our beta test and help us create a solution through which everyone can win.

  • Help us shape the best possible payments solution for your team and other Spektrix users
  • Streamline your banking and card processing services
  • Save money long-term by sharing processing costs across the growing Spektrix Community
Composite image showing a Chip & PIN card reader and credit card in closeup