Fundraising+ Community

Tuesday 5 March, 2024

8-9am PST / 11am-12pm EST / 4-5pm GMT


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Dive into the four core components of fundraising

Get ready to get inspired. Join us for the 2024 Spektrix Philanthropy Series, where we’ll dive deep into the four core components of fundraising. Each event will blend real life examples with expert strategic insight, empowering you with the knowledge you need to meet and exceed your goals. 

This series will empower you to

  • Take full advantage of all the tools and resources in Spektrix
  • Connect with your Global Fundraising Community
  • Maximize the impact of your Fundraising work
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Fundraising+ Community

8-9am PST / 11am-12pm EST / 4-5pm GMT


How do you build and maintain a strong community that supports fundraising? At this event, we’ll take a look at what ‘community’ actually means and how it relates to the purpose and impact of your organization. 

The Spektrix Global Fundraising Team will be joined by experts from PAC NYC – a performing arts center built in 2023 to serve lower Manhattan – who have taken a unique, robust approach to community that has made a huge local and organizational impact. We’ll explore proven community-building strategies for building community not just among your donors and audiences, but within your organization as well. 

When we put community at the center of our fundraising efforts, we can make a huge impact for our audience and donor base. Together, we’ll build stronger communities and achieve shared success.

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Fundraising+ Communication

Wednesday 22 May
8-9am PDT / 11am-12pm EDT / 4-5pm BST


Communication is an essential part of fundraising. Join us to learn strategies for effective internal and external communication, and best practice ways to demonstrate impact and keep donors in the loop. 

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Fundraising+ Connections

Wednesday 5 September
8-9am PDT / 11am-12pm EDT / 4-5pm BST


People give to people, no matter the kind of fundraising. At this event, we’ll discuss the value of connections across different types of fundraising, from cultivating strong interpersonal relationships to writing effective grants. 

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Fundraising+ Culture

Wednesday 30 October
8-9am PDT / 11am-12pm EDT / 4-5pm BST


Keep fundraising efforts at the core of your work by building a culture of philanthropy. At this event, gain strategies for driving whole-team engagement and engaging in effective top-down leadership.

Watch all four 2023 Philanthropy Series events on demand

Each event in the 2023 Philanthropy Series explores how fundraising connects to every part of your organization. Packed with system knowledge and dynamic strategies, these events enable you to make the most of Spektrix and gain inspiration from your global community. 

Fundraising+ Collaboration on 14 March 2023

Fundraising+ Collaboration

When teams communicate effectively and support each other’s work, your donors experience the difference.

Watch to learn:

  • Tips and tricks to strengthen cross-departmental communication

  • Ways to connect with colleagues across teams to support shared goals

  • Strategies for cultivating a shared vision to make fundraising everyone’s priority



Fundraising+ Your Website is on Wednesday 24 May from 4-5pm BST / 11am-12pm EDT / 8-9am PDT

Fundraising+ Your Website

Learn the technical tips and strategic guidance that will enable you to take advantage of your site’s broad reach. 

  • Discover the technical tools available to drive donations on your site
  • Learn from Spektrix users whose websites power success
  • Create a seamless donor journey and tell a consistent and powerful story about your mission and impact across your entire site
  • Gain the vocabulary to advocate for Fundraising priorities with web developers


Attend Fundraising+ Ticketing on Wednesday 6 September 4-5pm BST / 11am-12pm EDT / 8-9am PDT

Fundraising+ Ticketing

Learn how ticket sales and donations can work together to increase revenue and drive audience engagement.

  • Explore the relationship between ticket buying and donating
  • Discover what total investment in your organisation means for your customers
  • Leverage Box Office data for effective prospecting
  • Determine which incentives make sense to offer to donors and which don't
Fundraising+ Marketing is on Wednesday 1 November 8-9am PCT / 11am-12pm EDT / 4-5pm GMT

Fundraising+ Marketing

Explore the benefits of a complementary approach to fundraising and marketing.

Watch to learn:

  • How to tailor emails based on audience behavior with dynamic content

  • How automated programs in Dotdigital can enhance marketing and appeals campaigns

  • Quick wins, like autotags and tailored checkout asks, that are easy to set up within Spektrix


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