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Inspiration, Insights and Ideas

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Dynamic Pricing and Audience Loyalty

Spektrix partner TRG Arts shares their thoughts on how a dynamic pricing strategy can support audience loyalty. 

Dynamic pricing is a tale of two critiques;...

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Set Ticket Prices with Confidence: The Benefits of Dynamic Pricing

In this series, Spektrix demystifies and unpacks the benefits of dynamic pricing for the arts to help leaders make informed decisions.

Think back to the last...

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How a Great Audience Experience Builds Multiple Streams of Income

How to build multiple streams of income across your theatre or arts centre through a cross-departmental approach to audience experience.

This blog offers ideas...

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The Benefits of a Collaborative Marketing, Ticketing & Fundraising CRM

By sharing targets, campaigns, and software across teams, performing arts organisations can increase revenue and build efficiencies.

Successful, resilient arts...