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Courses and Classes Partners

Every booking in one location

Courses and Classes Partners

Every booking in one location

For many venues, activities go beyond live entertainment. Courses and classes are a key revenue stream and a great way to engage customers, younger audiences and the wider community. Dedicated course and class management system providers have integrated with Spektrix to offer additional functionality to Spektrix’ ticketing solutions.

The Spektrix solution

Courses and classes can be set-up as events in Spektrix with ticket subscriptions being utilised to book customers onto multiple weeks of a course. Additional data, such as dietary requirements or allergies, can be collected in custom fields. Facilitated booking allows parents or family members to book on behalf of children or others.

Courses and Classes


You and your colleagues may want to...

  • Understand who is coming to your classes and whether they’re attending shows
  • Capture data on your course attendees
  • Look at the total spend and engagement of your courses and classes bookers
  • Keep consent forms for minors attending courses and classes
  • Contact previous bookers who have not yet registered for a new class
  • Create waiting lists for your courses or classes
  • Be able to contact bookers of courses and classes about shows they might be interested in, and provide bespoke ticket offers
  • Have a single customer record in Spektrix which holds data from Spektrix sales and integrated Courses and Classes software
  • Have one database with all your customers in it

An integrated course and class management system can make your Spektrix system the single point of truth for all customer data and give you essential insight into customer behaviour. Targeting communication and managing attendance for all activities taking place in your venue has never been easier.

Partner solutions available

Currently, one courses and classes partner has integrated their solution with Spektrix in the UK and Ireland: Jackrabbit.

Jackrabbit's partner product is integrated with Spektrix via Zapier. Their software can provide additional functionality without the need for workarounds or manual intervention.

Using Zapier, Jackrabbit writes data into Spektrix, creating new customer records or adding courses and classes bookings to existing records. You can use the data for tools including Dotdigital to power automations, target potential bookers and manage pre-attendance communications. Customer records will show all customer engagement, so can be effectively used to identify potential members and encourage crossover from class booker to event attender via marketing.

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Why Spektrix Payments?

At present, everyone selling tickets or other items through Spektrix also works with an Acquiring Bank or Card Processor, and one of four Payment Gateways - Opayo, WorldPay, Moneris, or Until recently, this was the simplest way to manage payments - few, if any, payment providers offered both payment gateway and banking or card processing services.

Those providers now exist, and we're working with Adyen to build a closely managed integration - similar to our relationship with Dotdigital - we're aiming to provide a payment solution that's even more streamlined, supported, secure, and affordable in the long term. Perhaps more importantly still, we'll open the door to contemporary payment technology like Apple Pay and Samsung Pay, which we know are top of mind for many users. 

We're still developing Spektrix Payments. But if you're thinking of making a change, now's a great moment to join our beta test and help us create a solution through which everyone can win.

  • Help us shape the best possible payments solution for your team and other Spektrix users
  • Streamline your banking and card processing services
  • Save money long-term by sharing processing costs across the growing Spektrix Community
Composite image showing a Chip & PIN card reader and credit card in closeup