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Grow Revenue with the Right Ticket Sales Platform

Grow Revenue with the Right Ticket Sales Platform

How does Spektrix empower you to grow revenue? Ahead, real-life examples of organizations who’ve boosted revenue by switching to Spektrix. 

Explore revenue growth across the Spektrix Community

How do members of the Spektrix Community use our solution to grow their revenue? Here are some at-a-glance figures on how box office teams use Spektrix to generate income through every channel:


How to choose a ticketing system



43% Secondary spend


43% of the organizations we work with sell items such as merchandise, catering, ticket insurance, and even parking passes. With Spektrix, driving secondary spend is simple; patrons get the option to add extras to their cart as part of their ticket booking web journey. 
Transactions including secondary items increase cart value by 35% on average. That makes a big difference!


Online upsell


upsell-donation-rate-statistic-22On average, 2% of patrons add upsells or donations when they purchase tickets by phone or at the box office counter. Online, 4.1% of ticket sales processed through Spektrix include an upsell, and 13% include a donation. 

What’s driving this difference? While box office teams can be great advocates, they’re not always consistent or confident in making the ask. Online, Spektrix helps you make the ask with ease, integrating seamless opportunities to upgrade or donate within the digital purchase pathway.

Increase donations, ticket sales, and secondary spend with a fully connected CRM


Let's dive deeper into how you can increase donations, ticket sales, and secondary spend with Spektrix. The key? Connected ticketing, marketing, and fundraising. 

When purchasing and giving data is connected in a single CRM system, you can design tailored messaging that’s sure to delight patrons. You're also empowered to set up automated asks, reminders, invitations, and thank-yous, a light-lift way to show your patrons you care. 

Compelling, personalized messaging is easy to achieve within Spektrix, and makes a big difference for your patrons. Our flexible user interface makes it easy to package whatever you have to offer: celebratory bundles, multibuy offers, merchandise, gift items, subscriptions, or memberships. These tools are designed to be intuitive to use, giving you drag and drop segmentation tools and automated email programs to tell your patrons about the offers that will excite them most.


With the robust behavioral data Spektrix unlocks, it’s easy to target customers with campaigns tailored to their interests. For example:

  • Do you know a patron loves comedy?

    • Invite them to book a behind-the-scenes tour of your next show.
  • Is there a patron who regularly contributes to end of year giving?

    • Send them a personalized nudge alongside a thank you for being a longtime supporter of your organization.

A data-centered revenue generation strategy

Put real-time customer data at the heart of your strategy for pricing, secondary spend, and philanthropic giving, with 40+ reports available as standard and a team ready to work alongside you to maximize revenue and visualize the impact of your campaigns.


Growing revenue with subscriptions and donations

An arts leader crosses her arms, smiling and sitting casually on a desk.

Two River Theater  in New Jersey observed a 3.5% average annual decrease in subscriptions over a three-year period. Recognizing that audience habits are changing, both within their patron base and the wider arts landscape, the theater saw this as an opportunity: It was time to diversify their offering. 

Spektrix empowered Two River Theater to increase subscriptions and online gifts through two new strategies: buy-more-and-save ticket upsells and add-on donation asks. With Spektrix functionality, Two River set up multibuy offers and upselling prompts in their online customer journey. The result? Their ‘Buy More and Save’ model brought in $33,000 in revenue and substantially increased the number of patrons who returned for 3+ events in a single season.

"Spektrix functionality allows us to generate more revenue for our organizations by upselling patrons into buying multiple shows at once. It also provides patrons with an online shopping experience that they have come to expect."
Courtney Schroeder, Marketing Director, Two River Theater


With customized communications, serve the perfect offers to patrons


Touted as “Atlanta’s ‘gutsiest’ theatre company," Actor’s Express revolutionized their communications by switching to Spektrix. They knew they could be doing more to connect consistently with audience members through their communications.  By harnessing audience data, Actor’s Express was able to grow their ticket revenue by 65% over three seasons. They’re empowered to use real-time box office data and easy drag-and-drop customer list building tools to create customer lists that update automatically based on the booking behavior of their patrons. 

Once a patron books a ticket for an upcoming show, they’re automatically excluded from subsequent email marketing communications about that show, and are instead sent information on future shows. The increased relevancy of communications means that patrons are happier with what they’re seeing in their inbox, and the marketing team gets to enjoy an increased ROI of marketing efforts and a boost to their bottom line.

"At least half the reason our earned revenue grew so much is because we finally know who we are talking to, what shows they have seen already and what shows they would like to see again."
Alex Scollon, Managing Director, Actor's Express


An easy-to-use, intuitive system with best-in-class training and support

A group of of women purchase snacks at a theatre.

Not only is Spektrix equipped with powerful functionality – we’ve got best-in-class support and training that enables you to use your arts ticketing software with confidence. We know you’re busy. That’s why we offer a diverse array of training resources, from in-person training sessions where Spektrix experts come to you, to 1:1 virtual support from our dedicated team, to a growing library of on-demand training videos and written resources you can access anytime. Got a question? Give us a call! Our team of in-house support specialists provide quick, quality assistance over the phone and by email. And our all-inclusive offer means you never have to pay extra for support or training. 


Achieve more with Spektrix


What else can you achieve with Spektrix? Here’s a brief overview of some of the ways Spektrix empowers you to drive revenue and grow success.

  • Grow point of sale donations online and at the box office

    • Customize donation asks by campaign and value to turn every ticket buyer into a donor
  • Increase cart value by upselling the items our patrons most want

    • Merchandise, memberships and more – target your promotions by audience segment
  • Segment audiences to target offers and asks

    • Easy drag-and-drop tools quickly sort patrons by artform interest, frequency and far more
  • Measure return on investment across all of your campaigns

    • Understand the impact of email, online and print with 40+ reports at your fingertips
  • Encourage repeat visits with a range of offers, subscriptions, and membership models

    • From philanthropy to thrift, pick from a range of loyalty solutions to motivate every patron

Ready to start earning more revenue? Book a demo to discover what Spektrix can empower your organization to achieve.