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Dynamic Pricing Solutions for the Arts

Introduce flexibility into your pricing strategy and set ticket prices with confidence

A successful dynamic pricing model embraces data to reward arts and cultural organisations with increased revenue and a better understanding of their audiences. 


Built on the principles of flexibility, trust and fairness, dynamic pricing becomes more than just a revenue maximisation tool - it’s also an opportunity to boost audience loyalty by giving your customers access to what they value. 

On this page, you’ll find new ways of thinking about demand-based pricing and practical tools to turn your goals into reality.

What is Dynamic Pricing

and why does it matter in the arts?


Dynamic, or flexible, pricing is the practice of setting ticket price based on demand. Prices rise when events are selling well, and reduce when sales fall. It’s a practice that’s commonly used in other sectors, from booking train tickets early to enjoy the best prices, to paying extra for flexibility when confirming a hotel. 

Setting prices in response to demand can bring benefits to both arts organisations and audiences. Theatres and arts organisations which price flexibly have seen a positive impact on booking patterns, revenue and staff capacity. 

When tickets go on sale at a fixed or highest price, it’s impossible to increase overall income potential and easy to reduce it. Last minute offers, inflexible returns policies and online purchase fees which don’t apply on the door, all work to deter early sales. 

With a flexible, popularity-based pricing model, it’s possible to accelerate slow sales and maximise the potential of the most popular events.

Through Spektrix, you have access to a range of approaches to help you get started with dynamic pricing - from simple reports to help you understand booking behaviours, through to fully automated software solutions taking the work out of your hands. 

Graph comparing the benefits of a theater's dynamic pricing model to prices across all organizations. The dynamic pricing model goes up with time.


Set Ticket Prices with Confidence

The benefits of dynamic pricing in the arts

“Price tickets too high, and venues remain half-full; too low, and potential revenue is lost. Dynamic pricing automates price adjustments - both up and down - within a set range. This enables swift reactions to demand fluctuations, better sales predictions, and revenue forecasting. The automated nature of dynamic pricing reduces manual interference, yet with human oversight, adjustments can be made swiftly when conditions change unexpectedly.”


Chief Development Officer, DynamO Pricing


Is dynamic pricing right for your organisation? 

The pros and cons of flexible event ticket pricing


We’ve all read the headlines. Big arena tours have given dynamic pricing a bad press in recent months, raising questions about hidden fees and event prices that exclude many loyal fans. 

That’s not what we’re suggesting. Finding the right price is as much about relationship management as revenue - with the principles of flexibility, trust, and fairness top of mind, you can take your audience with you on your journey.

To explore that idea further, we invited arts sector experts TRG Arts and Baker Richards to share their ideas about dynamic pricing. Read their blogs to learn why it’s vital to find the right pricing fit for your organisation and audiences, and how everyone benefits when you find a model that works for you.

Dynamic Pricing and Audience Loyalty

“Dynamic pricing is not just about squeezing out every possible penny from a high demand show. It's a nuanced strategy that, when executed thoughtfully, balances revenue generation with audience building and loyalty. It helps you better understand your audience, respond to their behaviour and needs, and make the arts more accessible.”


Content Manager, TRG Arts


Double the Income, or a Double-Edged Sword?

“Often, the determination to go dynamic is driven by perceptions. A sense that dynamic pricing is the thing that everyone else is doing. Dynamic pricing can be new, sophisticated, modern and advanced – but also inflationary, unnecessary, expensive, confusing, time-consuming, and annoying.”

Chief Executive, Baker Richards

Get started with Dynamic Pricing 

Set benchmarks and make the case to your team and patrons


So you’ve decided to take the first step into Dynamic Pricing. What’s next?

Before you make the change, it’s vital to understand how your price models are working right now, and to spend time understanding the response from your team members and audience.

To make this a success, upskill your whole team - from box office counter to board level - to understand what your data tells you today, why you’re making the proposal, and how you’ll measure success.

Set Ticket Prices with Confidence

Find the price that's right for you and your audience

How flexible ticket prices can open up new avenues for your loyalty strategy, audience development and revenue maximisation.


Dynamic Pricing for small or stretched organisations

Test the waters with no commitment

Implementing a dynamic pricing strategy may sound daunting, especially if you have limited financial or human resources.

Get started with core tools in Spektrix, find out if it's a good fit for you, then explore greater automation and sophistication through a choice of partner solutions.

Why not give it a try?

Download: Dynamic Pricing for Small Organisations

Read more about Dynamic Pricing on our blog:

Wondering how best to implement dynamic pricing in your venue?

If you're already using Spektrix, we offer practical support and strategic consultancy at no additional cost, helping you make informed decisions and maximise the value of our software, partnerships and community.

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Dynamic Pricing in Spektrix

A choice of pricing features delivers the right solution for you

Through reporting and manual bulk updates, you can get started with dynamic pricing within Spektrix. Track how events are selling, and change prices quickly and easily in response to sales trends.

If you're eager to achieve even more, expert partners have built data tools and software solutions to support and automate dynamic pricing as part of your venue operations.

By integrating with Spektrix, these solutions import sales data, identify optimal pricing, and amend event prices automatically - reducing manual work for your teams, and helping you maximise revenue from your ticket inventory.


Explore Dynamic Pricing models

Find the right solution to achieve your objectives


It's my priority to...

Spektrix Dynamic Pricing partners

Reduce manual work with easy-to-adopt integrations and dashboards

Sector consultant partners provide advice and dashboard for a data-driven dynamic pricing strategy

Integrated pricing partners harness the power of algorithms, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to build a fully automated pricing model.

Discover who you can work with and how to get started

Download: Spektrix Dynamic Pricing Partners