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The Spektrix Insights Report 2019 is here

Bringing together data analysis on over 25 million transactions across 343 organizations, the Spektrix Insights 2019 Report is here. 

The report features benchmarks, inspiration and provocation on some of the most critical topics facing the sector, including:

  • Audience loyalty
  • Donor behavior 
  • Communication strategies
  • Online behavior
  • Revenue maximization

A huge variety of organizations use Spektrix from the very large to the very small. Many art forms, organization types and business models are represented within our community and this diversity means that the data offers a unique view of the sector.


In addition to our own  analysis of the data from our in-house team of consultants, we invited industry leaders to contribute to the report, offering their own interpretation of the findings. Tim Baker of Baker Richards gives his thoughts on pricing trends and revenue maximization. Katy Raines, co-founder of Indigo Ltd provides thoughtful analysis of email marketing effectiveness, offering advice on how to make your campaigns pack a punch for every segment of your audience. David Brownlee, Director of International Strategy for TRG Arts explores what the data tells us about audience loyalty and how we can learn to foster long term customer relationships.

A number of organizations using Spektrix also contributed generously to the report by sharing their own success stories and strategies with us.  A sample of the organizations contributing to the report include:

Logos of user organisations involved: Octagon Theatre Bolton, Saffron Hall, Traverse Theatre, Chichester Festival Theatre, Curran, Bristol Old Vic

Over the coming weeks, we’ll be working with our clients to help them get to grips with the report and how their organization compares to the sector average. If you’re an organization already using Spektrix, please do get in touch with our support team who are on hand and ready to help you take full advantage of the analysis.


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