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People & Teams

An Update on Spektrix Team Demographics: 2023

Data on the diversity of our team, management and board in 2023, and our work to build a more inclusive workplace over the last 15 months.

How Spektrix supports flexible engineering careers

Ahead of this spring's Reframe: Women in Tech and Womenhack conference, Spektrix engineers reflect on the benefits of a flexible and caring workplace.

Our commitment to your recruitment experience

We want to encourage the widest possible range of people to apply for jobs at Spektrix. In our recruitment practice, we pledge to give all candidates...

Behind the B: What’s working at a B Corp like?

When Spektrix became a Certified B Corporation, we joined a global network of purpose-driven businesses prioritising the needs of our communities,...

An update on team demographics: 2021

Data on the demographic makeup of our team, leadership and board, measured in late 2021 as part of our focus on increasing diversity and creating a...

Measurement and Inclusion

How do we create a methodology to measure team demographics in a way that both provides valuable data, and ensures every team member feels included...

Five Leadership Lessons from INTIX 2022

It seemed the world was ready for a large, in person event in Orlando, Florida in 2022, even if the SIMS-style virtual International Ticketing...

Rethinking Recruitment: Best practice ideas for hiring to CRM roles

Practical tips and inspiration for arts leaders recruiting to customer and donor relationship management roles in the cultural sector.

Spektrix is a Certified B Corporation

At Spektrix, we have always believed that arts and culture are important to the wellbeing of people and communities. This year we’ve evidenced that...

How to Build a Successful Remote Onboarding Process

As many (and we mean many) media outlets have posited, it seems as though the Covid-19 pandemic has forever changed how we work, shifting the modern...

Women in tech: the trials of unconscious bias

Spektrix is a technology company committed to supporting live entertainment organisations build and deepen relationships with their audiences and...

An update on Spektrix Team Demographics

Following our recent commitments to build meaningful and lasting change for our team, our business and our industry, Spektrix is now sharing a report...