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Meeting Audience Needs: Driving loyalty with the right value proposition

The keys to audience loyalty are market research, analysis and segmentation, matching the right value proposition to the right segments of your...

Actionable Strategies for Building Audience Loyalty

Audience loyalty drivers are changing as behaviour and expectations shift. Actionable, low-investment strategies can deepen loyalty and cultivate new...

The case for rethinking your audience loyalty programme

Subscription sales have been on decline for years. A recent study compared fixed to flexible subscriptions, and discovered a silver lining.

The Future of Customer Loyalty: Using data to inform your planning

The latest audience data from TRG Arts, showing what patrons care about right now and how their values have changed.

Inflation, Epidemics and Audience Loyalty: Arts Marketing in 2023

Traditional 'loyal attenders' aren't returning post-Covid. How do we redefine what loyalty means in the face of today's social challenges?

Meeting Our Audiences Where They Are: Flexible Ticket Models

Performing arts organisations are reporting a decline in subscriptions numbers and revenues since reopening their doors post-pandemic.

Building Audience Loyalty: Insight from Capacity Interactive Boot Camp

Take a cue from case studies and new data to make the most of your approach to loyalty.

6 Things I Learned My First Time at Capacity Interactive Boot Camp

Hybrid conferences in 2022: connecting failure with success, reframing goals to support change, centering accessibility, and dog GIFs.

Create your own story arc for fundraising conversations

A guest post by Kel Haney, Senior Consultant at Donorly. Kel introduces her method for shifting fundraising conversations from transactional moments...

Creating great ticket booking experiences for arts audiences online

Audience members want to book theatre, music and event tickets online. But more than a transaction, your website’s often their first experience of...

Artists Make Phenomenal Fundraisers: 6 skills you already possess

A guest post by Kel Haney, Senior Consultant at Donorly. As an artist, you already possess a skill set that lays the groundwork for strong and...

How guest wi-fi can supercharge your visitor data - by Wireless Social

Partner integrations are an integral part of our offer to Spektrix clients. Many of our users are already taking advantage of partner products and...