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Access Partners

Help with access needs for your arts organisation

Access Partners

Help with access needs for your arts organisation

Spektrix works with a growing number of partners who are ready to help with accessibility needs at arts venues and organisations. In this document, we will be focusing on partner products that have built an integration with Spektrix, though there are web developers and consultants who also focus on helping venues increase their accessibility. You can search for them in the partner directory.

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Access Needs

You and your colleagues may be asking yourselves...

  • How can we get more understanding of our access customers?
  • How can we make our venue more welcoming to diverse audiences?
  • How can we gain an understanding of our access customers?
  • Can Spektrix or a partner help us find out what our access customers need?


Many organisations are looking to better serve a wider demographic of audiences. Perhaps you want  to demonstrate that you are diversifying your audience for organisational objectives or funding requirements. Your team may want to save time for themselves and the customers by making it easier for customers with access requirements to book tickets without assistance. Or perhaps the team may want to improve the experience for customers with access needs by gaining information on those customers without having to ask.


The Spektrix solution

We provide tools to integrate Spektrix into your website to make it as accessible as possible.

Our system recognises customers and stores key information about them. Tags can identify customers as having access requirements and they can be used, along with custom fields, to identify specific access needs that will be visible to staff. These tags can also inform a web journey - for example, only allowing visibility of access seating to customers with an access tag or sending specific pre- or post-show emails.

On the Support Centre: Accessibility and Spektrix

Partner solutions available

We work with partners to offer help and advice in making websites accessible.

Accessible By Design is a digital accessibility consultancy that can offer advice, training and general consultancy on websites and digital products.

Two partner products are integrated with Spektrix, helping to facilitate disabled customers' access to tickets and venues. They operate in the UK and Ireland. These products will improve customer experience, increase access to those with specific requirements to the arts and save venue teams’ time in managing access bookings.

Nimbus offer certain free services, and WelcoMe has an affordable license fee.

  • Nimbus Disability provide an access card scheme that is already used by thousands of people in the UK and Ireland. The physical card acts as a photo ID that can be used to easily communicate customers’ access requirements to events and venues. Customers can link their Access Card to their Spektrix account to log their access requirements against their customer record, unlocking reserved seats and other support. 
  • WelcoMe have a similar web-based tool that integrates with Spektrix to increase access to events. In addition, it facilitates the communication between customers and venue teams to better understand the customer’s needs ahead of a visit. WelcoMe also provides team training (at a cost) to skill staff in supporting disabled customers confidently.

To get started, get in touch with Nimbus or WelcoMe. The Spektrix Client Success team is available to help you when needed.

Your access journey starts here - head to our Partner Directory to learn more.

Why Spektrix Payments?

At present, everyone selling tickets or other items through Spektrix also works with an Acquiring Bank or Card Processor, and one of four Payment Gateways - Opayo, WorldPay, Moneris, or Until recently, this was the simplest way to manage payments - few, if any, payment providers offered both payment gateway and banking or card processing services.

Those providers now exist, and we're working with Adyen to build a closely managed integration - similar to our relationship with Dotdigital - we're aiming to provide a payment solution that's even more streamlined, supported, secure, and affordable in the long term. Perhaps more importantly still, we'll open the door to contemporary payment technology like Apple Pay and Samsung Pay, which we know are top of mind for many users. 

We're still developing Spektrix Payments. But if you're thinking of making a change, now's a great moment to join our beta test and help us create a solution through which everyone can win.

  • Help us shape the best possible payments solution for your team and other Spektrix users
  • Streamline your banking and card processing services
  • Save money long-term by sharing processing costs across the growing Spektrix Community
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