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Core Concepts in Spektrix


Start learning how to use Spektrix by understanding the core concepts of the system, or freshen up your understanding as an experienced user.

These bite-size videos are each just a few minutes long and help you to speak Spektrix fluently.
Complete them all in just 30 minutes or skip ahead to a particular concept.
Happy learning!

Events & Event Instances

Understand Events as the experiences you offer your audience and Event Instances as the date and times of these experiences. (2:31)


Understand how Seating Plans and Overlays work in Spektrix. (4:11)


Learn about the elements that make up Pricing in Spektrix: Ticket Types, Price Bands, Price Lists and Offers. (5:12)


Every Spektrix system comes preset with the most common standard fields. Attributes allow you to define custom fields. (3:17)

Customers & Relationships

Customers and Relationships help you understand your audience and how they are interconnected. (4:31)


Coming Soon! Contact Preferences, Tags & Customer Attributes

Contact Preferences, Tags and Customer Attributes are powerful tools to help you manage your customer data.

Audience Loyalty

An introduction to the features that promote audience loyalty through reattendance: Multi-buy Offers, Ticket Subscriptions, Fixed Series and Memberships. (5:04)


Coming Soon! Customer Lists & Reports

Understand and differentiate between two key tools for using and accessing data in your system: Customer Lists and Reports.

Grow your confidence with Spektrix

We want your CRM and ticket software to feel easy. Explore our Getting Started with Spektrix resources or search the Support Centre to dive deeper into how to use Spektrix.