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Event Payment Processing
for the Modern Box Office

Experience ultra-efficient event payment processing
with Spektrix Payments

With Spektrix, your event payment processing is quick and simple for your customers - and for your finance team.

Tickets, donations, subscriptions, memberships, concessions - every transaction counts. Our integrated payments solution is designed to streamline and increase your sales, from offering Apple Pay to your customers to enabling member/donor retention or simplifying reconciliation. Plus, secure card readers and the full, trusted support of the Spektrix team are all part of the package.

What is Spektrix Payments?

Spektrix Payments is our all-in-one event payment processing feature. By consolidating your gateway (e.g. Opayo) and acquiring bank into your Spektrix solution, we give your teams a more streamlined, more reliable experience. 

diagram showing a gateway and an acquiring bank being combined into Spektrix Payments


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The Spektrix team has partnered with Adyen, a large, industry-leading, modern payments platform. We’ve combined their state-of-the-art payment technology with our expertise in the arts and live events to develop a cutting-edge payments feature that rises to meet the needs of the arts sector today.

Accept Apple Pay & Google Pay
in person and on your website



Customers love using Apple Pay and Google Pay because all it takes is a single click or a tap of their phone to pay. No wallet-fumbling, no need to find and enter credit card information, no friction.

Our users asked for the ability to accept these mobile payment methods, so we delivered. It’s just one of the ways we’re innovating for you. 

We know that the faster you can process payments, the easier it is for you to make sales and build audiences. 

Simplified event payment processing
that delivers value

Like everything we do at Spektrix, we’ve designed this feature to save you time and stress. 

Comprehensive card processing support

We provide end-to-end onboarding and day-to-day support for card processing. If issues arise, Spektrix is the only contact you need, able to assist at any point in the payment flow.

Automatically keep stored cards up to date

If your customers have stored cards for future purchases or renewable memberships, payment information is securely and automatically updated when a card expires or is re-issued, with no action needed from your team.

Modern, user-friendly payments portal

Access an online dashboard with interactive and downloadable reports, easily reconcilable with your Spektrix reporting. Researching individual payments is easy and in real-time. Net proceeds are delivered to you daily, with fees already taken out.

Straightforward, all-in pricing

No extra charges for refunds, declined transactions, storing/updating cards, fraud protection, and more.

Show your finance department this list — they’ll love it.

(And if they do have questions, drop us a line.)

Secure, top-of-the-line hardware
included at no extra cost to you

Swipe and tap with ease using free payment terminals. We provide Verifone v400c countertop terminals ready to link up to the powerful capabilities of your Spektrix system.


ayden card reader


Best-in-class security

Smooth compliance with PCI (Payment Card Industry) standards and End-to-End Encryption (E2EE) for top security.

Customisable card readers

Craft your audience experience by customising to your organisation’s branding and needs, from the home screen to the header on your receipts.

Integrated receipt printers

Your team has everything they need, right at their fingertips, for a smooth flow to your transactions.

Time to level up your payments

We’ve thought through every aspect of your event payment processing for you in order to put a powerful ticketing, marketing, and fundraising solution at your team’s fingertips.



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