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Toledo Alliance for the Performing Arts

How TAPA combined Fixed and Flexible subscriptions to rebuild loyalty after COVID.

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A performance in TAPA's main auditorium


• TAPA have grown upfront subscription revenue and loyalty by highlighting this offer since 2021.

• It's easy for patrons to renew, redeem or adjust their commitment with a flexible range of  subscription options.

Simple setup and intuitive reporting empower teams to try things out and build on what works best.



Driving subscription revenue

TAPA have sold ticket subscriptions for many years. When they switched to Spektrix in 2021, they made both Fixed and Flexible subscriptions a priority, and it's working.


The secret to their success

In August of year 2, subscription sales are already $13,000 ahead of the whole previous season.

They serve patrons who want things to stay just as they were.
TAPA send out a paper renewal packet to previous subscribers containing a season brochure and order form. Those forms are personalized to the recipient with their preferences from the previous season, giving them just one box to tick to renew exactly as they were.

They serve patrons who can't attend as often as before.
Where former fixed series patrons want to make a change - perhaps they're growing older and don't want to drive on winter nights, or they're more conscious of cost - flex passes let them reduce their commitment while retaining their connection to TAPA's program.

They serve patrons who are just getting to know them.
Flex passes are a great way first step in loyalty. TAPA have seen fixed series subscribers bring along friends, who buy a flex pass for 3 or 4 concert trips in a year. Other fixed series subscribers have added a flex pass on top, giving them access to even more events within the season.

They serve patrons whenever the time's right for them.
While Fixed subscriptions can only be sold until the season begins, Flex passes remain on sale all year round - so the door's always open for patrons to show their loyalty.

New in Spektrix: Flex Pass Functionality

  • A powerful new approach to selling Flex passes through Spektrix
  • Comprehensive reporting, easy set up, and a smooth booking journey

Recognizing that subscription sales are a vital part of theaters' income, Spektrix has created Ticket Subscriptions - a brand new loyalty tool that will soon be available to all Spektrix users at no extra charge. Now it's quick and easy to set up, configure and sell subscriptions to suit your patrons - and it's ready for you to adopt in time for your next onsale.

Giving patrons the choice

We spoke to Kalindi Stone, Box Office Manager & Program Annotator, and Vanessa Gardner, VP of Marketing & Operations, to understand how TAPA help patrons find the right option for them. 

This year, they promoted their subscription series through multiple channels - an order form within the brochure for previous subscribers, targeted email campaigns and telemarketing. With a good idea of what different audience segments want, they're able to present a clear range of options with distinct price points and benefits.

Fixed Series subscribers generally like a specific strand, such as classical music, and they want the same seats across the whole season. Because they're attending every time, they get a slightly higher discount on average. Fixed Series options range from a 10-event, Saturday evening series, through curated 'personal favorites' from the artistic team.

Flex Series subscribers are less driven by keeping the same seat - for them it's more valuable to be able to change their plans.  They can pick from 5, 6 or 8-show options, with a range of prices for different areas of the auditorium.

“You can’t deny the amount of money that we’ve brought in by making this feature available. It’s a no brainer to give people the flexibility. Especially after COVID and during COVID, that’s what people want. They want that ultimate flexibility.”
Vanessa Gardner
VP of Marketing & Operations, TAPA
“The Spektrix reporting system with the segments where you can drag and drop them into your report, make it so easy to do the work one time and then never again. Because then you just save them and use them over and over.”
Kalindi Stone
Box Office Manager & Program Annotator, TAPA
"Spektrix changed the way we budget our ticket income. Now, I look at overall ticket income as opposed to single tickets vs. subscriptions. Flex passes provide a secondary loyalty program to our fixed series model and I found that shifting the way we budget for that has really streamlined our operation."
Vanessa Gardner
VP of Marketing & Operations, TAPA
“We give them the choice. You can have ultimate flexibility, you just can't sit exactly where you want to sit’”
Kalindi Stone
Box Office Manager & Program Annotator, TAPA

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Easy to get started

The benefits of adopting Ticket Subscriptions are big.

But the time it takes to get started is small.

With guidance from Spektrix, Kalindi spent less than one hour building out 15 Flex Pass options. With a set up just like any other ticket, it's a familiar process for anyone who's ever built an event in Spektrix.

  • Need help to explore previous years' data and understand what that means for your approach to loyalty?
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