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Welcome Session 1


Payments, reporting, and settlements

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Karen Elizondo (she/her)

Welcome Session 1


How we'll support you to get started with Spektrix

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 Kate Herzlin, a woman with red curly hair, wearing a dark blue shirt and smiling against a landscape of trees.

Kate Herzlin (she/her)

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Welcome Session & System Overview

Mike Geller, James Menezes, and Karen Elizondo welcome you to Spektrix, with details about what's happening next and an overview of everything you can achieve within the system.


Sales & Box Office Demo

Managing events and transactions, from setup to sales

Karen Elizondo leads a deeper dive into patron records, ticket sales, subscriptions, event setup, and offer creation; plus online customer journeys, pre- and post-event communications, and reporting.

Captions and chapters coming soon


Marketing Demo

Segmentation, email, digital marketing, ROI, and much more

Karen Elizondo explores communications activity on the patron record, and create discounts and promotion codes; explore integrated email tools including segmentation, dynamic content, and automated programs; and learn about online experience and reporting through Spektrix.

Captions and chapters coming soon


Fundraising Demo

Patron relationships, from small gifts to major donors

Karen Elizondo dives into patron records, notes, and donation history; segmenting and prospecting for small and large dollar donors; creating a great online donor experience; and managing campaigns through reporting, acknowledgements, and tax receipts.


Finance Demo

Payments, reporting, and settlements

Karen Elizondo explores the anatomy of a transaction, with an in-depth exploration of account coding, payments processing, finance reporting, and more.


Implementation Walkthrough

How we'll support you to get started with Spektrix

Kate Herzlin and Karen Elizondo explain what it's like to work with an implementation project manager, including timelines, milestones, and what to expect on go-live day.

INCLUDES: Update on our pricing offer and hardware compatibility

Captions coming soon


Education & Volunteering

Classes, camps, and volunteer management

Karen Elizondo responds to your questions about building and selling classes and camps, and managing volunteers, through Spektrix.


Merchandise & Concessions

Managing and selling concessions and merchandise in Spektrix

Karen Elizondo answers your questions about setting up food, beverage, and other purchases, and selling them online or at the box office. 

Captions coming soon

Courses and Camps

We support registrations for education and community activity through a choice of three integrated partners. 

Choose the partner that best meets your needs, and let us know your plans as soon as you sign your contract - we'll help you get set up from day one.