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Spektrix for Music Venues & Symphonies

A complete software solution for orchestra management and concert promotion

Build attendance and drive donations

Improve the experience of teams, patrons and donors with cohesive tools for ticket sales, loyalty, communications, fundraising and reporting.

Manage events confidently across multiple venues and programs. Streamline transactions for patrons, with the ability to pick seats, redeem subscriptions, pre-order concessions and make donations in a single purchase pathway. Understand impact across every touchpoint, with reports exploring revenue, segmentation and patron behaviors.

Join these music venues and symphonies already using Spektrix

The Toledo Symphony Orchestra logo in royal blue and white. Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra Plano Symphony Orchestra logo in burgundy with an illustration of a conductor. Venice Symphony Logo Huntsville Symphony Orchestra Chattanooga Symphony & Orchestra Cape Arts & Entertainment Arkansas Symphony Orchestra Rhode Island Philharmonic Orchestra Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra Orpheus chamber orchestra logos Boise Philharmonic Association

Drive online ticket sales, subscriptions and revenue

By bringing more of your interactions online, you build convenience for your patrons and efficiencies for your team. With Spektrix, you have the freedom to configure and personalize the purchase pathway, creating a tailored, persuasive journey for every customer.

An in-house ticketing and CRM system gives you control over customer experience, even if you’re performing across multiple venues or cities. With Spektrix, it’s easy for patrons to explore seating plans, purchase single tickets, or buy and redeem subscriptions online. Upsell programs and merchandise, encourage donations, and reward loyalty with automated access to VIP seating areas or online discounts, all driven by customer segments or membership status.

A woman playing violin in the Orpheus Chamber Orchestra

Understand and improve with data at your fingertips

Mixing and matching data across multiple CRM systems makes it hard to understand impact. By uniting all of your insights into a single, cohesive system, you’ll have the control and visibility you need to forecast revenue and drive continual improvement.

Alongside our integrated software, Spektrix offers expert, consultative support as part of our relationship with you - you’ll never pay more for advice, training or resources. And with 40+ reports as standard, you can instantly explore behaviors - from identifying who’s attending each event through to pipeline moves management - and use that data to test, explore and continually improve your offer for every patron.

Pavel Kolesnikov performing with the Calgary Philharmonic

Spektrix in practice at your music venue

A headshot of Giuliano Kornberg, Chief Development Officer
Sacramento Philharmonic.
“We’re able to come up with a report of people’s ticket buying history and whether it’s a subscriber, a lapsed donor, a multi or a single ticket buyer - there are a lot more automatic things we can do which just make it more efficient.”
Giuliano Kornberg, Chief Development Officer
Sacramento Philharmonic


Sell fixed or flexible subscriptions online


Subscribers can select seats and redeem subscriptions whenever’s convenient for them


Automate access to pre-sales, VIP seating and other offers with no promotion code required