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Meet Spektrix

A complete CRM solution
for the arts industry

Powerful, joined-up ticketing, marketing, and fundraising tools make Spektrix the contemporary system of choice for cultural organizations.

When you choose Spektrix, you choose the fastest growing technology provider for the arts industry in the US and Canada. And you also choose a partner who’s committed to your success - with everything from support and training to data migration, system updates and reliability all taken care of. 

That means no unexpected costs and no unwanted worries.

Spektrix for Leaders

A strategic overview

Learn how Spektrix benefits your whole organization - with greater visibility for you and your board, intuitive, efficient tools for your team, and a smoother purchase pathway for your patrons.

Build deeper relationships, increase revenue and streamline your working practices with a CRM platform that’s built for the arts.

Spektrix for Leaders

two women work together at a table with a laptop and coffee

Spektrix for Marketing

Smarter, more streamlined campaigns

It’s easier than ever to segment, target and track the impact of communications, with integrated email automation tools and drag-and-drop segment builders.

Incentivize loyalty with a range of approaches to memberships, subscriptions and promotions, and understand patron behaviors at every step with a web journey embedded into your own site. 

Spektrix for Marketing

ticket buying journey on Calgary Philharmonic website

Spektrix for Box Office

Sophisticated setup and sales

Powerful software built especially for theaters and arts venues saves you time and effort with every onsale. 

Set up events, subscriptions and merchandise in minutes, configure every touchpoint, and manage busy days confidently, with an intuitive, reliable system helping you exceed every customer’s need.

Spektrix for Ticketing

Thrust stage seating plan with two aisles and three price bands, pointer indicating purchased seat

Spektrix for Fundraising

Make the right ask

Manage campaigns, track gifts and measure success with a system that empowers you to build ever-closer donor relationships.

Identify potential donors, target asks, record every interaction and manage movement through your prospect pipeline, with a dedicated fundraising interface and integrated insights from across your organization. 

Spektrix for Fundraising

Donation ask during a ticket purchase on tablet