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Our introductory pricing offer and contract information


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We've designed a pricing plan to ease you into the Spektrix Community with a single-year contract, giving you time to grow revenue and build team capacity.


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Your service charge includes everything you need to get the most out of working with Spektrix


The practical information you'll need to get started

Example T&Cs

What you can expect to see in your contract

  • View our standard terms and conditions to understand what we'll likely discuss with you. Download the PDF version for details of:
    • The duration and scope of agreement
    • Our services
    • Your obligations
    • Warranties
    • Charges
    • Intellectual property rights
    • Confidentiality
    • Client data
    • Limitations of liability
    • Termination, amendment, and more

Keep us informed

What we'll need to know before we set up your contract

  • We'll need to know some information about your current pricing and revenue, including:

    • Current payments to Theatre Manager
    • The number of tickets and merchandise items you process annually
    • Your total annual gross income from ticket sales and merchandise

  • We'll also ask you for some practical information or evidence, to ensure we're billing you correctly:

    • Your billing currency, in US or Canadian dollars
    • Your tax exemption status, and a copy of your certificate if that applies

Meet our Team

The main people you're likely to speak to in our business development team

Karen Elizondo Headshot

Karen Elizondo

Business Development Lead (she/her)
A white man with blue eyes and short brown hair, standing against a beige wall, with an orange shirt and red sweater

Holden Wertheimer-Meier

Solutions Architect (he/him)
A headshot of Janie Dickerson, a white woman with red curly hair, wearing a grey blazer and smiling into the camera.

Janie Dickerson

Account Executive (she/her)

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