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Your way to revenue maximisation


Your way to revenue maximisation

Electronic Point of Sale systems (often known as POS or EPOS) power cafe, bar and merchandise selling points in many venues. Using a system that integrates with your CRM platform is a sure-fire way to gain greater insight into your customers’ buying behaviour - a true superpower that takes your customer service to the next level and unlocks secondary spending.

It’s a classic example of how a technology stack of integrated products will allow you to achieve even more with the data and tools in your CRM.


Three reasons for bringing your CRM and EPOS together


Customer recognition in the POS for great customer service

Make your visitors feel welcome and valued by giving your staff helpful clues for more in-depth interactions through the information stored on the customer record, creating a seamless customer experience from the Box Office to the bar and front of house. Via the customer ID on a ticket or membership card, customer information held in your CRM can be looked up by the EPOS system. Whether you’re offering complimentary drinks to bookers in the premium seats, giving members and donors automatic discounts on merchandise or welcoming back lapsed bookers with a special café offer, the possibilities are endless.

Log purchases in your system for smooth segmentation

Link up your EPOS system to your CRM platform for continuous customer data, which in turn powers segmentation. When a customer makes a purchase at a EPOS sales point, the purchase information can be written into the customer record in the CRM. Apply your segmentation tools to identify customers based on food and beverage purchases and cumulative spend and use your insights wisely: For example, why not reward customers who have visited three times this month and spent over a certain amount at the bar with a bespoke offer, cultivating an even deeper relationship? 

Spot trends in product sales to improve your front of house offer

By combining ticket data with bar and merchandise spend, it’s easy to map sales patterns by genre, time of day or audience profile. Build up insights for every aspect of your program and use that knowledge to manage stock, target offers and influence visual merchandising - so you’re always presenting the right opportunity for every customer to invest a little more each visit.

Spektrix and EPOS

Currently, three POS partners have integrated their solutions with Spektrix: pointOne, SalesVu and Tevalis.

If you’re using Spektrix and an integrated EPOS system, purchases made at a POS station can be written back to Spektrix using our API.

The EPOS system can recognise a customer through a customer ID printed on a ticket or a membership card as a barcode or QR code, and connect it to the Spektrix customer record in your Spektrix system. When someone buys food, drinks or merchandise in your venue, the purchase will be logged as a sold merchandise item on their customer record in Spektrix.

For full visibility of customer engagement and easy segmentation, you can append tags to a customer record in Spektrix based on their interactions at the EPOS (for example ‘regular purchaser’). Our powerful reporting and segmentation tools can then unlock opportunities for targeted upselling, membership offers and premium gifts, or power email automation all based on an individual’s purchase history alongside the purchase and behavioural data that is already in Spektrix.

Your EPOS starts here - head to our Partner Directory to learn more.

Is your shop using Shopify?

Shopify is a cloud based commerce platform that venues can use for online and in person sales, shops, bars and cafes. There is an integration between Shopify and Spektrix, powered by Zapier. The integration works in the same way as with our product partners: When a customer purchases an item on Shopify, a customer record in Spektrix will be created or updated, and orders are written back to the customer record. Through Shopify, you can get consent to contact customers and you’ll have the ability to report and segment on Shopify to identify groups including members, loyal bookers and big spenders, adding a great pathway for successful email marketing.

Why Spektrix Payments?

At present, everyone selling tickets or other items through Spektrix also works with an Acquiring Bank or Card Processor, and one of four Payment Gateways - Opayo, WorldPay, Moneris, or Until recently, this was the simplest way to manage payments - few, if any, payment providers offered both payment gateway and banking or card processing services.

Those providers now exist, and we're working with Adyen to build a closely managed integration - similar to our relationship with Dotdigital - we're aiming to provide a payment solution that's even more streamlined, supported, secure, and affordable in the long term. Perhaps more importantly still, we'll open the door to contemporary payment technology like Apple Pay and Samsung Pay, which we know are top of mind for many users. 

We're still developing Spektrix Payments. But if you're thinking of making a change, now's a great moment to join our beta test and help us create a solution through which everyone can win.

  • Help us shape the best possible payments solution for your team and other Spektrix users
  • Streamline your banking and card processing services
  • Save money long-term by sharing processing costs across the growing Spektrix Community
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