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The Secret to Collaboration in the Arts? Your CRM

The Secret to Collaboration in the Arts? Your CRM

Your CRM should help, not hinder, collaboration in the arts. Ahead, tips on how the Spektrix solution empowers you to boost teamwork and drive results.

Teamwork really does make the dream work. When your team works together, you’re able to deliver efficient, effective results. 


How to choose a ticketing system


An intuitive system that invites everyone to get involved


Using a CRM can be intimidating. But a powerful system doesn’t need to be difficult to use. Spektrix is designed based on feedback from our users. We release updates on a rolling basis (almost every day!) that are designed to make features as easy-to-use as possible. 

"Spektrix is the software that helps you streamline and use your data in the easiest way possible. It's intuitive, easy to use, has amazing functionality and the support is the best on the market. If you are looking for a change, I cannot recommend Spektrix enough!" 
-Dan Demers, Executive Artistic Director, Hillbarn Theatre

With unlimited users, there’s no downside to everyone jumping in and getting involved with a part of Spektrix. Your whole staff can leverage robust data and put real-time customer insight at the heart of every decision. At every level and across every part of your team, make the most of data-led learnings and at-a-glance reports to build understanding and streamline conversations.

Fundraisers can keep track of their conversations and touchpoints with donors in the same interface that they can view their giving behavior. Box office teams can easily view access requirements and membership details at-a-glance when patrons stop by the ticket counter. Marketers can pull reports on attendance data and the performance of campaigns and offers. With Spektrix, everyone gets the tools they need to do efficient, effective work. 


A group of arts professionals stand in a semicircle, smiling and laughing.

Vicki Willman is the Director of Development at the Contemporary American Theatre Festival (CATF). They’ve got an adventurous annual program managed by just six permanent staff and ambitious fundraising targets, which means it’s vital to make the most of every relationship, from first time visitors through to major sponsors. With ticketing and fundraising data joined up in one intuitive system, when it comes to supporting VIP patrons, Vicki is able to help them directly with ticket requests and changes. For the first time, she’s confident enough using the ticketing software to make these bookings herself, which means she doesn’t have to run over to the box office for every change.

“Having that kind of control has helped us offer customer service at a much better level, especially for our very important partners and donors.”
-Vicki Willman, Director of Development, CATF


Get a 360° look at your patrons with one unified system


At Spektrix, we believe in solutions, not just systems. With fundraising, marketing, ticketing, and reporting tools all built into a single database, we help your whole organization streamline knowledge and connect opportunities. 

Spektrix empowers your marketing team to collaborate with your development team to target donation asks to your most loyal subscribers. Your development and box office teams might work together to make a special ticket offer available to your top donors. You could even send a thank-you email to a donor that comes with a personalized recommendation for an upcoming show that’s powered by data about their past preferences. 

With ticketing, marketing, and fundraising functions joined up in one comprehensive system, what new insights about your patrons might you unlock? Spektrix equips you with the powerful reporting features and rich data you need to build a complete understanding of your audience’s behavior.


A team of arts professionals smile and laugh together as they collaborate.


Best-in-class training and support makes it easy for your whole team to get the most out of Spektrix


Not only is Spektrix easy to use – it’s easy to learn, too. We’ve got a team of 80 experts dedicated to helping you get the most out of the full Spektrix solution. 

Have a question? Here are the ways we support you:

  • Search the Spektrix Support Centre

    • A digital, searchable database of written guidance explaining how to use the Spektrix system. Access step-by-step guidance on how to set up events, create automated email campaigns, build reports, and much, much more.
  • Call Spektrix Support

    • Call us up and we’ll help you out. We keep our Support Team in-house, which means that when you call you’ll be speaking with a friendly expert who lives and breathes Spektrix. Whether you’re calling with an issue or because you have an idea of something you’d like to achieve with Spektrix and don’t know where to get started, our Support Team members are all well placed to answer your questions or connect you to the people or resources that will help you take your work to the next level.

"Support Team members were super helpful and knowledgeable, guiding me every step of the way." 
-Alyson Tipping, Engagement Manager, Eastern Angles

  • View the on-demand training library

    • A comprehensive suite of training videos that cover all the Spektrix essentials. Perfect for training new members of your staff or for a refresher, these videos are on-demand, which means you can learn on a schedule that works for you. Plus, these videos feature captioning and the ability to play back at different speeds, meaning they’re accessible and allow you to customize your learning experience.
  • Attend a Spektrix event or watch on-demand

    • We’ve got a robust program of webinars that bring together experts from around the arts industry and the Spektrix team to give you crucial insights on the most pressing issues facing the sector today. Our events cover a wide array of topics: Spektrix Spotlights, 30-minute bite-sized sessions, dig into system efficiencies and best-practice ideas, while our Philanthropy Series brings together insights from across our Global Fundraising Community to empower everyone will the skills they need to drive donations. We also host Spektrix Presents events, where leading thinkers from the arts sector gather to discuss pressing topics, like the future of audience loyalty. Can’t make a webinar? Events are available to watch back on demand in our Knowledge Library.
  • Connect with the Spektrix community in-person

    • No matter where you might be, there are opportunities to connect. When you go live with the Spektrix system, a member of our Implementation team will be there with you in person, supporting you every step of the way. Attending an arts conference? Spektrix sponsors and attends many conferences each year across North America in the UK, because we care about our users and supporting the arts sector. And don’t forget about Hubs, our day-long, in-person events. Attending Hubs is completely free for our users, and provides valuable opportunities to connect with the Spektrix Community and our team. 

Oh, and did we mention that every part of our support, from our events to our expert consultancy, is included free of charge with your Spektrix membership? When we say our solution is all-inclusive, we mean it. 

“The entire team at Spektrix rose to the challenge, and were honest and supportive and determined at every step of the way. It’s very comforting to know that kind of determination is behind you."
-Emily Pratt, Director of Audience Services, Fox Tucson Theatre

If you or a member of your team wants to upskill or enhance their Spektrix knowledge, it's as easy as calling up our support line or exploring some articles on the Support Centre. With so many convenient training and support options, every member of your team is encouraged to jump in. 

Spektrix team members gathered in the New York office, listening attentively to a speaker


When you join Spektrix, we become part of your team, too


Our engaged staff of experts are passionate about working with you to achieve your goals. Spektrix is proud to work as a true partner to the arts sector

“Spektrix have been incredibly flexible and responsive, working as a partner rather than a supplier, which is a much needed approach.”
- Sheralee Lockhart, Director of Business & Operations, Royal Exchange Theatre

A genuine technology partner will work as an extension of your team, helping you use digital tools to support both day-to-day growth and strategic development. 


Janie Dickerson (she/her) is an Account Executive at Spektrix