Supercharge Your Segmentation



Make the most of your audience segmentation tools

By using the powerful audience segmentation tools built into Spektrix, you and your teams can create highly targeted communications to better connect with patrons and increase overall ROI. 

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The fundamentals of customer list logic

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Proven segmentation models you can adapt to your needs

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Best practice tips and tricks

This session explores the flexibility of the Spektrix Customer List tool and how you can use it to segment in a way that represents your entire organization. We explore new ways of identifying essential customer segmentation - ways to frame loyalty, measure customer confidence, identify potential donors and much more.


This video offers optional captioning.

Intro to Segmentation
Customer List Logic
How to use the AND, OR, and NOT rules
The Path to Segmentation

Strategies for segmenting your audience based on successful campaigns

Segmentation Do's and Don'ts, answers to your FAQs

Key Takeaways


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Our 30 minute Spotlight Sessions are value-packed, full of information on key Spektrix features, tools and resources. Spotlights are designed to tackle common questions effectively and efficiently. You will walk away from these bitesize sessions with actionable tips, best practices, and innovative ways to use your system. 

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