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We provide a full stack of technology and service for sales, marketing, fundraising and admin teams in the arts and culture sector. 400+ organizations around the world are working with Spektrix to deepen relationships and grow their revenue. Spektrix enables you to understand data about your customers and donors, share this across all your departments and act on it easily using intuitive tools.

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Freedom to succeed

There are no barriers to what you can do. Every tool, service and support resource you need is included in our simple service charge.

Freedom to succeed
Learning & support

Learning & support

Your goals are our goals. To help you meet them, we provide learning opportunities and consultative support.

Stay up to speed

Our technology is built on the latest cloud architecture so we can bring you new features faster and scale to your needs easily.

Lives in the cloud
Increase online sales

Drive online sales

Allow customers to book on their terms - whether they’re on a mobile or tablet - and give them all the benefits available from the box office.

Sell more

Make your bottom line happier. Optimize online sales, drive demand and open up new sales opportunities.

Sell more
Encourage loyalty

Encourage loyalty

Keep them coming back. Reward attendance and provide members with brilliant benefits.

See insights

Get immediate access to audience insights using our segmentation tools. Use them to understand your audience better.

See insights
be more relevant

Be more relevant

Engage audience segments with targeted marketing campaigns to encourage them to behave how you want them to.

Measure success

ROI reports and customer engagement metrics help you to understand your successes and do even better next time.

measure success
build better relationships

Build better relationships

Keep all the information you need at your fingers. Navigate relationships more effectively and build a network of your biggest supporters.

discover donors

Discover more donors

Segment audience data to discover people in your database who could become loyal supporters. Then put strategies in action to get them there.

Work efficiently

Specialist tools help you to manage your fundraising activities from campaign management to donor events, individually and as a team.

work efficiently
dependable data

Dependable data

Rely on Spektrix to generate accurate information you can act on.

Be more efficient

We’ve designed every last bit of Spektrix with efficiency in mind so that you can get on with building your audience and generating revenue.

be more efficient


Get all your departments on the same page with features to encourage collaboration and knowledge-sharing.

  • Access control and scanning

    • Scan tickets on entry using scanners attached to Android devices.
    • As tickets are scanned, their status updates in the Spektrix system so you can see how full the venue is.
    • Report on the busiest times for audience arrival and no-shows.
  • Accessible from anywhere

    • All you ever need to access Spektrix is an internet connection.
    • You could be selling tickets on a tablet in a field, in your town center, or the Amazon rainforest.
    • Wherever your work takes you, Spektrix goes too.
  • Activity management

    • Log completed or upcoming tasks and assign them to members of your team.
    • Keep track of time and money spent, and attach useful documents.
    • Spektrix keeps everything super-organized so you can focus on fundraising.
  • Agency reporting

    • Agency reporting helps you to manage agency bookings, especially allocations, reporting and handling commissions inside the face value of the ticket.
  • API

    • Our API allows web developers to create a ticketing site limited only by their imagination.
    • You could custom your entire website, create a social media integration, make an app or integrate with other software systems.
    • Read more about our API here.
  • Attributes

    • Spektrix gets that you might need to capture extra information.
    • That's why you can add customized fields, or "attributes" to customers, events, and other records.
    • Customize your database to work for you. Get your own tailored reports too.
  • Audit trail

    • Spektrix is built like an accounting system and records all items sold and payments made.
    • Report on audit information to keep your finance director happy!
  • Automated pre- and post-show emails

    • Get Spektrix to automatically send emails to your customers before and after they attend a show. Right on cue.
    • Use any kind of template you like.
    • Send out important pre-show info, or collect post-show feedback.
  • Automatic membership renewal

    • Customers can choose to renew their memberships automatically, charging a stored credit or debit card.
    • Offer a discount as incentive.
    • Reduce admin and encourage long-term loyalty at the same time.
  • Automatic tagging

    • Create tags to apply automatically when customers meet criteria based on booking, mailing and customer data.
    • Tags can activate benefits online and behind the box office and highlight customers in your database.
    • Do personalized service the smart way.
  • Best available seating

    • Customer wants the best seat in the house?
    • Let Spektrix find it for you.
    • Best Available is also a brilliant way to give mobile and tablet bookers an easy booking experience.
  • Built-in email marketing

    • Send emails from within Spektrix with our Dotdigital integration.
    • Email stats are recorded at an individual customer level and you can report on campaign success to re-target customers.
    • Relevant and effective marketing campaigns start here.
  • Campaign management

    • Clearly see the progress of all your campaigns against your targets with a dashboard-style overview and insightful reports.
    • Monitor expected income from different sources.
    • Customize campaign stages to suit your strategy.
  • Cardholder wallets

    • Spektrix remembers customer card details online and behind the box office in a "wallet."
    • Your customers won't have to fill their details out each and every time they want to buy tickets.
    • Fewer clicks means happier customers and time saved at the box office.
  • Commissions and fees

    • You always have the option of charging commissions and fees on tickets.
    • Build multiple sets of commissions and apply them to different individual events.
  • Contextual help

    • Support tweets appear in the interface so you're always in the loop.
    • Search the Support Center from within the system.
    • Help is always there, whenever you need it.
  • Custom payment types

    • When the standard payment types won't do, set up your own.
    • A really useful tool to make Spektrix work for you and your venue.
  • Customer highlighting

    • Tag customers with info about their requirements and preferences.
    • When you search for customers at the box office, this information gets highlighted, prompting you to act accordingly. 
    • Impress your customers with personalized service.
  • Customer questionnaire

    • Ask customers where they heard about your event during checkout.
    • Refine and improve your marketing in response.
  • Customer segmentation

    • We've created a simple tool for building complex segments of customers.
    • You can segment customers on booking, behaviourial, purchasing and demographic data with just a few swooshes of the mouse.
    • Then use these segments with the email marketing tool, analysis reports or donor prospecting.
  • Customer timeline

    • See every interaction your venue has had with supporters in one place.
    • See orders they've placed, phone calls, mailings, when they've attended shows in the past and what they're coming to see in the future.
    • So when you want to impress a major donor, you can find out when they're next coming and where they're sitting.
  • Deposits

    • Take a deposit payment against ticket reservations.
    • Use deposits to pay off the reservation.
    • Straightforward with no workarounds to make life easy.
  • Designed around you

    • Spektrix has been designed with usability at the top of the list of priorities.
    • This saves you time and stress, helping to get those dull tasks out of the way.
    • We're improving usability all the time by observing Spektrix in action and taking user feedback on board.
  • Donations

    • Encourage donations during checkout online and behind the box office.
    • Spektrix suggests donation amounts based on basket size to optimize the donation size.
  • Editable seating plans

    • Edit seating plans, even for an event that's already on sale.
    • Change seat prices, lock seats and add information as you need.
    • Gives you the flexibility you need react without stress to unexpected seating changes.
  • Expert support

    • Our Client Success team will give you ongoing support, training, and consultancy.
    • They have all worked in arts and cultural organizations themselves so they'll know where you're coming from.
    • Meet the new extension to your team here.
  • Fixed seat subscriptions

    • Let a customer book the same seat across different events as part of a subscription.
    • Customers can buy and renew online, keeping their seats for future seasons.
    • Drives and rewards long-term loyalty.
  • Frequent upgrades

    • Spektrix never goes out of date.
    • We feed back user observations and our own innovations into the development of the system.
    • Shiny new features and improvements are all included in the price.
  • General admission tickets

    • For events with unreserved seating, you can sell general admission tickets at the box office and online.
    • Customers can still choose the right ticket type for them.
    • Keeps it simple for whatever event you're hosting.
  • Gift vouchers

    • Sell gift vouchers online and at the box office.
    • Customers can add a custom message and have the voucher emailed to the recipient on any date.
    • No add-ons or workarounds needed.
  • Hassle-free IT maintenance

    • Spektrix is accessed through a web browser.
    • As long as you have an internet connection, everything else is our problem.
    • We focus on keeping the system up and running for you – at all times.
  • Households

    • Group multiple patrons together and aggregate their interactions with your organization.
    • Streamline your reporting and customer behavior analysis.
    • Create highly personalized patron communications.
  • Integrated card payments

    • Chip & PIN, phone and online payments are all built-in.
    • For refunds, it just takes one click to return card payments.
    • We operate under the highest standards of card security and are Level 1 PCI compliant.
  • Invitation tracker

    • Track individual invites to donors or sponsors for events like drinks receptions or gala performances.
    • Track their RSVP, guests, dietary requirements and whether they actually come to your event.
    • This is the kind of attention-to-detail your donors will appreciate.
  • Invoice documents

    • Generate invoices, pro-formas, and statements for group bookers.
    • Send these directly from Spektrix to your customers and stakeholders.
  • Live agency sales

    • Allow secondary ticket agents to sell directly "live" from your seating plan through our API.
    • A more effective way of working with agents that makes administration a piece of cake.
    • Wave goodbye to manual administration and unsold seats.
  • Memberships

    • Create any number and any type of membership program.
    • Allow members to take advantage of benefits online and renew automatically.
    • Flexibility to design memberships around your mission.
  • Merchandise sales

    • Don't just sell tickets. Sell other items as part of the online booking process or through a shop page.
    • Recommend items linked to particular events online or at the box office.
    • Pretty soon, your merchandise will be selling itself.
  • Mobile-friendly

    • Build Spektrix into a mobile site using iframes, web components, or the API to build your own site or app.
    • Spektrix is designed to be fully functional on the web so it won't go wrong, no matter what device customers use.
    • Allow your customers to pick tickets using "best available" seating to keep their thumbs (and attention spans) happy.
  • No-nonsense pricing

    • Everything you need to use Spektrix to its fullest potential is included in the cost, minus a few optional extras.
    • See our pricing page for more.
  • Notes

    • Add notes to customers and events and allow them to pop-up for crucial information.
    • Fundraising-only notes stay in the fundraising interface.
    • Use them as reminders or to share useful information with your coworkers.
  • Offers and promotions

    • Still doing offers with ticket types? We feel your pain.
    • Spektrix makes complex offers and promotions easy to set up.
    • Stay in control by setting limits and eligibility criteria.
  • Opportunity dashboard

    • Clearly see the all your fundraising prospects in one place against campaigns.
    • Monitor your progress as you move prospects through the stages of engagement.
    • You'll have all the information you need to figure out your next move.
  • Pick up transactions

    • See all the transactions taking place on the web.
    • You can load the transaction and take control.
    • Great to have when a customer gets stuck online and calls you up.
  • Pick your own seat

    • Does exactly what it says on the tin.
    • It's as simple as letting customers pick their own seats online and at the box office.
    • Help customers make an informed choice by adding extra information on leg room and restricted views.
  • Pledges and legacies

    • Set up donation pledges and legacy pledges.
    • Report on committed gifts that are waiting to be collected.
    • Predicting future income becomes more manageable.
  • Print at home

    • Tickets can be emailed to patrons and scanned at the door with our scanner app.
    • Cut the lines for you and your patrons.
    • Everybody wins.
  • Priority booking

    • Give certain patrons the special treatment and let them book tickets before the general public.
    • By setting eligibility criteria, it works automatically online when customers log into their account.
    • Zero hassle required.
  • Recommended events

    • Recommend relevant events to your customers during the purchase process.
    • Do this online, as well as at the box office.
    • A small addition to the purchase path that can make a big difference.
  • Recommended merchandise

    • Cross-sell merchandise to your customers during booking.
    • Increase revenue both online and behind the box office.
  • Relationship mapper

    • See who knows who and how they know them.
    • Record the type and importance of relationships between individuals and organizations.
    • Use this information to navigate relationships and become a networking pro.
  • Report builder

    • Insightful analysis reports come as standard, along with a user-friendly tool for building your own reports.
    • Our support team will create custom reports at no extra charge.
    • Because we don't think there should be any limit to the number of lightbulb moments you can have.
  • Return-on-investment reporting

    • Clearly shows you the ROI of mailings and emails, based on their cost and impact on sales.
    • See which areas of activity are worth spending a few bucks on and which need improvement.
    • Refine your campaigns further to take your ROI sky high.
  • Robust and reliable

    • Our next-generation cloud architecture can cope with sudden peaks in demand.
    • You'll always be open for business.
  • Round-the-clock security

    • Spektrix operates to the highest levels of digital and physical security.
    • Our servers are located in a tier IV data center with 24/7 onsite security and tightly restricted access control.
    • Accessing your ticketing system via the cloud makes it easier to comply with regulations such as Data Protection.
  • Scheduled reporting

    • Set up schedules to email any number of reports to a distribution list. At any time.
    • Keep all your stakeholders informed with hardly any effort.
    • Use the time you save on something more worthwhile – or just put your feet up for a bit.
  • Security controls

    • Lock down access to your system by allowing only users from certain IP addresses to log in.
    • Restrict access to particular parts of the system based on role.
    • Only the right people get access to the right things.
  • Standard reports

    • Brilliant reports come as standard with Spektrix.
    • Including reports on memberships, sales, finance, customer and accounting.
    • Analysis reports keep key insights into sales, marketing and fundraising at hand.
  • Thermal ticket printing

    • Spektrix is compatible with BOCA and Stimare.
    • Print from any device to any device with just an internet connection using cloud printing.
  • Ticket designer

    • Ticket designs don't have to be dull.
    • Get creative with your designs.
    • Add information about venue facilities.
  • Unlimited users

    • Have as many users logged in as you want at the same time.
    • Great for setting up seasonal staff with no fuss.
    • Make sure that everyone across your organization has access to the same information. 
  • User roles

    • Control who has access to what – right down to specific actions in the sales interface.
  • View from a seat

    • Attach images to seating plans during the booking process.
    • Customers know what view they'll get on the night.
    • One less reason to call up your box office.
  • Waiting lists

    • An intelligent way to keep track of customers on the waiting list.
    • Dynamically re-order customers, add notes and report on waiting lists.
    • Maximize resale of returned tickets.
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