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We provide clever solutions to everyday problems and can help with anything – from training sessions through to strategic advice on projects including marketing strategy, fundraising campaigns and maximising box office sales. And because every one of us has joined from an arts organisation, when you pick up the phone you're speaking to someone who gets it straightaway.

System status

Current status All Systems Operational

What our clients say

"@spektrix you literally rock my world, just had to make myself a cup of tea and have a sit down due to my last support call ;)"


"The quality of the customer support is excellent. Because they’re all venue trained staff you don’t have to explain yourself. I can’t praise them highly enough."

Carol Rayner, Mercury Theatre

"Customer support from Spektrix is second to none. Honestly. The support staff become a kind of extension to your team and your venue. They’re really helpful."

Ed Green, Derby LIVE

"@SpektrixOps @spektrix You are FANTASTIC. Thank you so much! This is definitely in the category of above and beyond the call of duty :)"


"Thanks to our friends at @spektrix for some really great staff training today. #HighlyRecommended #GreatCustomerService"


"Never unsatisfied. The whole Spektrix team are always brilliant. Thanks."


"Nick was super friendly and helpful and had me back up and running in no time!"


Recent releases

  • # 46 NOV 2016

    What's new:

    • Basket and Logged In Widgets
    • Scanning Improvements
      • New sounds 
      • Customer Groups
      • Improvements to scanning history
    • New UI
  • # 45 AUGUST 2016

    What's new:

    • Membership changes 
      • Greater flexibility with membership end dates
      • Ability to offer grace periods for customers to renew their memberships after they have expired
      • Introducing the ability to offer gift memberships
    • Multibuy cross-selling
    • Event Instances report
  • # 44 MAY 2016

    What's new:

    • New settings UI
      • Manually organising lists so you can move attributes around into whichever order you want
      • Sorting tables
      • Text fields so it's easier to fill information into free text fields
    • Partner Company Reporting
    • Offers on Fixed Series

Are you a Spektrix user?

Spektrix loves integrating with other systems

We've built a number of pre-tested integrations so that the system talks simply and elegantly to a number of different software providers. We’ve also opened up our ticketing API which allows app developers and web designers to concentrate on what they’re best at, without having to worry about building a ticketing system from scratch.

Brilliant examples


    Lighthouse have used the Spektrix API as part of their fully responsive online booking journey which pulls information about seat availability to the booking page to provide their customers with even more information. With the Spektrix integration, they've had full control over styling to match their brand's look and feel.


    To raise funds for their £16.5m capital campaign, the Lyric Hammersmith built a donations page using the SPEKTRIX API which “sold” items from light switches to digital cameras for the new building on a floorplan. They pulled customer names and items donated into a continuous feed thanking each of their supporters.


    The Royal Court built a dynamic events page that automatically updates with information on ticket availability, based on data in the Spektrix system. Their performance listings also show the availability for each date to push their customers towards less busy performances, providing them with a more enjoyable booking experience.

Are you a web designer?

Using the API requires quite a lot of technical know-how, so you will need to steal, bribe or pay a computer geek to help you.

If you are already a Spektrix customer, or working on behalf of a Spektrix customer, then please contact our support team to find out more about using the API.

If you are a third party looking to develop an application using our API, please contact our sales team who’ll be happy to talk about the possibilities for creating and marketing your application.

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