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A flexible paywall on your website – by Supercool

A flexible paywall on your website – by Supercool

As part of our series showcasing the options that Spektrix users have for adopting video, Kate Mroczkowski from Supercool introduces their paywall tool and explains how it can be used to monetise any kind of content.


A flexible paywall on your website – by Supercool

An approachable, experienced, and straight-talking team of problem-solvers, at Supercool we combine design, tech and data to make life easier for arts and cultural organisations – and your audiences. 

Since 2004 we’ve been collaborating with forward-thinking clients on websites, web apps, and digital strategy projects. We work with the people at Bishopsgate Institute, Chichester Festival Theatre, Sheffield Theatres, Theatr Clwyd, and Town Hall Symphony Hall Birmingham, among others.

2020's been worrying and unsettling for us all. And catastrophic for some, particularly within the hard-hit arts and cultural sector. But the upheaval and uncertainty have also been catalysts for positive change.

When the huge impact of the pandemic started to become apparent, we talked with our clients about how we could best support them – quickly, cost-effectively, and sustainably.

By and large, everyone was looking for a similar solution: an online space to share creative content – video in particular – with culture-starved fans. (Preferably while also making some money, in order to keep creating and bringing people together.)

But that's where the similarities ended. Everyone has such wildly different priorities, wants, needs, styles, genres, core audiences, relationships with creatives … one size does not fit all. 

We knew that flexibility would have to be a huge part of whatever solution we came up with. 

And, with sustainability and cost effectiveness in mind, we prefer to make use of digital tools and integrations clients already have, if we possibly can. 

So, rather than spending time developing a separate 'product' – which would entail ongoing costs for our clients – we began prototyping a concept for a nifty Spektrix integration within their websites

This launched a short while later as the Supercool Paywall feature…

gif of a pound sign, pulsing with excitement

The Supercool Paywall feature 

Using functionality already in our clients' Spektrix systems, the paywall feature sits within a Supercool client's own website – and can be added anywhere, on any page.


Neat Spektrix integration

When logged-in, data on a user’s Spektrix account grants access to content, based on tags. Auto-tags can attach to customers as they meet criteria, and/or tags can be manually-added to specific customers.


Monetise anything

All types of content can be offered behind the paywall. This includes embedded videos, so you can use it for paid-for video using your hosting platform of choice, but also text, images, downloads, forms, galleries … any of the usual content that can be added to a website.

A variety of content offerings: pay what you can, watch now, member priority access and exclusive access options

Adaptable to your message

Clients have complete control over the content of the paywall itself; every single bit of text. So whether you're selling tickets to an online show or treating Members to exclusive content, you can be sure your messaging is clear and appropriate.

… all of which makes it incredibly flexible.


Other benefits

  • A frictionless experience for users, who stay on your website
  • Customer data remains in Spektrix
  • Content and marketing assets only need adding to one system
  • Initial set-up cost is kept low as the solution is shared
  • No ongoing costs
  • Once built into your website, it’s yours!

The downside – if you're not a Supercool client – is that it's only available to existing (and new) Supercool clients.


The Supercool Paywall feature in action


Bristol Old Vic: 
Bristol Old Vic's 'At Home' Seasons
(Read all about this on the Supercool blog)

National Theatre of Scotland: 
Lament for Sheku Bayoh 

"At a time when art and entertainment are needed at home more than ever, being able to share our performances digitally has helped us to keep our audiences entertained and artists employed, and to develop new income streams, without massively increasing costs." 
Jack Fayter – Campaigns Manager, Bristol Old Vic


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It's been great to make such a big difference for so many clients, so quickly – simply by building on what already exists, to create a hugely flexible, cost-effective and sustainable feature. 


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Kate Mroczkowski is Strategy Director at Supercool