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Community and Connection at Spektrix Hubs

Attendees chat animatedly at Spektrix Hubs

We caught up with Brooke Gallagher, Head of Community and Events, about the in-person experience at Spektrix Hubs in Chicago and New York and why she can’t wait for the San Francisco Hub on 30 January  2023.

Attendees collaborating at Spektrix Hubs

What are Spektrix Hubs? Who are they for?

Spektrix Hubs are half(ish!) day professional development opportunities for Spektrix users to connect with one another in person and learn lots about how to get the most out of our system, support and consultancy. There is no charge to attend, over 45 organisations have joined us so far in Chicago and New York -and we’d love for you to be in the room for our San Francisco Hub. 

“Loved it! Did a great job of keeping everything engaging. Learned a lot and was grateful for the time to connect with other Spektrix users.”

On the day, which element of Hubs did you end up enjoying the most?

Witnessing people from different organisations chatting intently with one another and sharing their ideas, challenges and successes. At Spektrix, we’re not usually big fans of silos, but we do have one activity where people get together in departments to discuss topics specifically relevant to their day to day. This is always one of the most inspiring and electric bits of the day. 


Tell us a little bit about the way you designed the programming for Hubs: what factors went into your thought processes?

We wanted to design a programme for Spektrix users that would result in every attendee walking away with a handful of practical ideas. We deliberately crafted our group activities to be gentle, fun and highly relevant. We also wanted to give people the chance to have one on one time with our consultants to unpack any Spektrix specific questions or challenges they had in an informal, relaxed environment. 

“The diversity of not only the content provided by the speakers, but also the opportunity to connect with other organisations was helpful in laying the groundwork for future success!”

Describe the energy of the New York and Chicago Hubs in three words.

Open, informal, inspiring.


What unexpected value do you think attendees will gain from Hubs?

We’ve already heard from attendees that they all walked away with an idea or tip to improve things at their organisation. For example, our reporting session highlights key reports everyone should be using and provides a sneak peek at a couple of brand new reports. In addition to that, we overwhelmingly heard that the chance to build and deepen relationships with industry peers in a relaxed and fun atmosphere has also been hugely valuable.

“Great atmosphere! Meeting in silos to connect with others was so helpful and made connections that will outlast today.”

If Spektrix users are on the fence about whether to come to Spektrix Hubs in San Francisco on 30 January, what would you tell them?

Spektrix is one of your key business investments; come to Hubs and make the most not only of our technology and consultancy, but also of your Spektrix community. Meet the team, meet your peers and share conversations with others doing a similar role to you, from a wide range of venues. Plus, Hubs is free for Spektrix users, so there’s really no reason not to register now. 

Register Now for Spektrix Hubs San Francisco


Ready to connect in person? Join us at Spektrix Hubs in San Francisco and benefit from exclusive learning opportunities, industry insight, and Spektrix community connections.


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