Building relationships between live event professionals, their audiences, our team and our partner network

The exterior of the Bridge Theatre at night

At the heart of live events lie connections. Connections between audience members, participants, artists, venue teams and supporters. Through the shared experience of theatre, art, music or dance, human relationships are deepened and individual stories shared.

Despite differences of artform, title or geography, members of the Spektrix Community share a commitment to the cultural sector, its audiences, and to broadening and improving access to live events. As the shared technology partner of over 10,000 professionals worldwide, a vital part of our role is to help develop those relationships for the benefit of the sector as a whole.

We facilitate those connections through an inspiring events programme and an active partner network, inviting Spektrix users to connect with some of the most exciting industry experts, web agencies and software developers we know. And we maintain those connections through direct conversations with our users - conversations that keep us closely connected to the industry we serve, and ensure that our priorities for product development, strategy and consultancy stay aligned to our users’ needs.

We’re always eager to hear your plans, your thoughts, or your ideas about how we could support you better.

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The Spektrix Partner Directory

Within your Spektrix system, you have all the tools you need to drive core ticketing, marketing and fundraising activity. But - from cultural venues to touring promoters, visitor attractions to community hubs - every organisation we work with is unique in its activity, its audiences, and in the solutions it needs from technology and industry experts.

By facilitating connections between users and expert partners, we can help you identify solutions to meet your most unique and specialist needs. Through relationships with some of the most exciting web developers, software providers, data analysts and consultants working today, we’re expanding the potential of our platform whilst connecting you with solutions which are fast, affordable, and created to an exceptionally high standard.

The Spektrix Partner Directory makes it easier than ever to discover how our partners can help you achieve even more with Spektrix. 

On its own, Spektrix provides powerful and comprehensive technology that will meet many organisations’ needs. As the heart of a rich, inspiring ecosystem of partner solutions, it expands into the basis for almost infinite possibility.

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