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Recruitment and Culture: Attracting and Retaining Excellent Teams 



Your guide to inclusive recruitment

Growing a diverse, representative team is essential to your organisation’s success. But how do we recruit the right candidates, and how do we maintain a welcoming and supportive company culture once they’ve joined?

At this session, Michael Nabarro, CEO and Cofounder of Spektrix, offers practical steps to help you build and retain a more diverse and representative workforce. We also share some of the tools and approaches we’ve taken at Spektrix to understand and improve organisational culture over time, and the impact these efforts have made.
You’ll walk away from the session with the knowledge you need to:

green pencil sketch of three people cheering

Open up recruitment practices and connect with a diverse array of candidates


Design job descriptions that are accessible and clear


Interview and evaluate candidates fairly


Understand and improve company culture

This video offers optional captioning.


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