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With Spektrix, arts and entertainment organisations are part of a community of 550+ organisations with shared goals and challenges, working together to build success. Our active programme of training, events and thought leadership help them to recognise best practice and inspire progress, whilst our deep understanding of the performing arts sector in the UK and Ireland helps them to build stronger relationships with their own audiences.

We’re the contemporary system of choice for organisations like yours.

So whether you’re considering a move in the short or longer term, talk to us about how Spektrix might form part of your longer term strategy for building stronger audience relationships and increasing revenue from ticket sales, secondary spend and donations.

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We support a wide number of venue groups

including Aberdeen Performing Arts and Wiltshire Creative, to build shared audiences and collaborate toward shared goals; and regional ticketing hubs such as Bath Box Office and Derby Live to provide agency services to an even wider range of external organisations. The ability to manage shared data, quickly filter reports and cross-promote events makes Spektrix a powerful tool for partnership building and shared success.

It’s more important than ever to engage directly with your audience

building trust and encouraging them to return again and again. With Spektrix, you’ll retain control over all your relationships and data, with the freedom to sell tickets via major partners including Ticketmaster, See Tickets and many more. Via our API, you can sell live from shared seating plans, allowing you to promote your events through multiple channels whilst retaining full, instant visibility of every sale.

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Talk to us about Spektrix

Almost 40 organisations have moved from AudienceView to Spektrix

recognising the importance of audience relationships on repeat bookers, donations and loyalty. As we continue to build our technology around the unique needs of arts and culture, we’re the modern solution combining value, functionality and sector expertise.


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