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Digital Membership Card Partners

A sustainable approach to membership cards

Access Partners

Help with access needs for your arts organisation

Spektrix has a number of partners that provide some form of digital membership card. This generates various opportunities for you to manage and communicate with members and wider customers. Digital cards also reduce cost and support a greener approach to your membership cards.

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Digital Membership Cards


You and your colleagues may want to...

  • introduce a form of membership but without physical membership cards
  • have a membership scheme and provide a membership card
  • give your members a card to scan in order to retrieve their benefits
  • find new ways of communicating with your members
  • reduce member churn

Many organisations want to provide a form of membership card. In the same context, they’re exploring new ways to engage members. Scanning a membership card can support various purposes: discounts at a bar or shop at your venue (via an integrated EPOS system), free entry for members or other forms of benefit redemption, all contributing to a well-rounded customer experience.


The Spektrix solution

Spektrix provides membership functionality to help enhance the customer experience and reduce churn. These include:

  • Benefits like discounts on tickets, priority booking or membership access to tickets or merchandise as part of the purchase path - all applied automatically by customer recognition tools
  • The ability to generate a specific customer ID barcode or QR code to easily identify customers in Spektrix
  • Auto renewal for memberships

Customer ID codes, which form the basis of physical membership cards, can be created in Spektrix via a custom report.

On the Support Centre: Setting up Memberships

Partner solutions available

Each of our partners provides membership card functionality in a slightly different way. What connects them is that they create a digital membership card that will allow members to be easily identified and scanned at the box office team or other integrated partner products like (E)POS systems and kiosks. As the cards are digital this means no need to print a physical card. It makes them easier to store and means it is more likely members will use them.

  • Folio is a universal digital wallet that will work on any phone. The customer can add tickets and digital membership cards to the Folio Digital Wallet. As an app, it provides a whole new form of communication with customers via push notifications, short videos and a lot of other features not offered by Apple or Google wallets - including analytics. It can even be used to ask for donations. In a venue, it can verify the customer based on their ID.
  • VisitOne Link is a SMS based ticket delivery system that can be used to download tickets and membership cards to Apple or Google Wallets. In addition, it allows for customers to order drinks from their seats when in-venue. VisitOne Link have just released an affordable stand-alone membership card product that allows customers to download cards to their wallets via SMS/emails as soon as they purchase a membership. Cards will automatically expire.
  • Cuseum gives you the ability to download digital membership cards to native wallets. They also offer individual apps, have push notifications, geolocation notification and loyalty schemes from a membership portal.
  • crowdEngage is another text delivery model for providing tickets to venue customers. It also provides the option for membership cards, which can be downloaded via the crowdEngage interface into the native phone wallet and used to identify customer records in Spektrix. The interface also provides an opportunity for upselling.
  • Cardskipper’s digital card option carries marketing functionality and a new contact point. This is a branded app, which gives customers access to a digital membership card and also gives you the ability to push specific content to customers in the app.

Your digital membership card journey starts here - head to our Partner Directory to learn more.

Why Spektrix Payments?

At present, everyone selling tickets or other items through Spektrix also works with an Acquiring Bank or Card Processor, and one of four Payment Gateways - Opayo, WorldPay, Moneris, or Until recently, this was the simplest way to manage payments - few, if any, payment providers offered both payment gateway and banking or card processing services.

Those providers now exist, and we're working with Adyen to build a closely managed integration - similar to our relationship with Dotdigital - we're aiming to provide a payment solution that's even more streamlined, supported, secure, and affordable in the long term. Perhaps more importantly still, we'll open the door to contemporary payment technology like Apple Pay and Samsung Pay, which we know are top of mind for many users. 

We're still developing Spektrix Payments. But if you're thinking of making a change, now's a great moment to join our beta test and help us create a solution through which everyone can win.

  • Help us shape the best possible payments solution for your team and other Spektrix users
  • Streamline your banking and card processing services
  • Save money long-term by sharing processing costs across the growing Spektrix Community
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