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Monetize shows via online broadcasting - by TicketCo Media Services

Monetize shows via online broadcasting - by TicketCo Media Services

As part of our series showcasing the options Spektrix users have for adopting video, Joe Edwards from TicketCo Media Services introduces pay-per-view online broadcasting. 

The Golden Hour 

Did you know on average 15% of ticket sales for virtual events happen in the 'Golden Hour' - the last 60 minutes before a show starts? 

It is an optimum time for sales for online events. Mischief Comedy sold 15% of its overall ticket sales in the last hour prior to its New Year’s Eve live stream event with Kenny Wax. The event trended twice on Twitter during the live stream, leading to continued sales during the show. 

Often, ticketing platforms have to go off sale an hour before an online show starts. This is to arrange access codes and streaming links, deliver them to every customer and bulk up-load them to the streaming player. It means many organizers miss out on the lucrative Golden Hour. We provide the payment, ticket, and streaming service in one platform. It means tickets are issued immediately, there is no manual work for theatres and you never miss a sales opportunity. 


The new benchmark for pay-per-view events 

We traditionally managed payments and digital ticketing for the events industry. When COVID-19 hit our income collapsed and we decided to innovate not hibernate. We created an online broadcasting solution to help organizers continue to deliver events and create revenue. Since then, we have worked with the likes of the Southbank Centre, Royal Albert Hall, and The Birmingham Royal Ballet.

TicketCo Media Services is a pay-per-view online broadcasting and on-demand platform integrated with our payment platform for the arts and culture sector. 

Our platform provides a smooth customer journey. Viewers can view events in HD quality on any device from phones, tablet and desktops through to smart televisions. Further key benefits include: 

  • No up-front set-up or development costs. 
  • Ready to use solution. 
  • The only streaming service that provides an integrated automated ticketing platform - meaning you can stay on sale longer.  
  • A plethora of viewing formats including Apple TV, Chromecast, Android TV, and Fire TV.
  • Integration with Spektrix means a seamless flow of customer data. 
  • Simple charging model - an affordable commission on ticket sales. 
  • You have control over the platform and can add your own branding and text.

Spektrix integration 
Caroline Aston

Caroline Aston, Chichester Festival Theatre

“We discovered TicketCo Media Services after I purchased a ticket to see Wise Children’s 'Romantics Anonymous' from Bristol Old Vic. The booking journey was easy, the email with my access code arrived within minutes and the FAQs were comprehensive. The actual experience of watching the performance was pleasingly straightforward. However, for us, without an integration with our CRM system (Spektrix), it was not an option at that stage.

We introduced TicketCo Media Services and Spektrix to see if there was a solution to enable us to retain our audience data and offer our customers a simple booking journey and a seamless streaming experience they could enjoy on any device. It was important to us that any solution needed to issue one code per ticket purchased, rather than several people being able to login using the same account on multiple devices.

We were delighted when an integration between TicketCo Media Services and Spektrix soon appeared. This partnership is so important to venues seeking to connect with their current and new audiences as we all find different ways of working.

It works well as our customers link through to TicketCo Media Services using their familiar logins from our website; the access codes and ticket information are generated and sent by TicketCo Media Services; and the customer data and sale is written back to our Spektrix system. We can sell tickets right up until the performance starts and with the apps available for a range of SmartTV systems, audiences can watch from the comfort of their sofas, rather than huddled around a computer.”

How does it work? 

Our payment platform is integrated with a live streaming and video on demand feature from Amazon Web services. When broadcasting online via Ticket Media Services the content is encoded, safeguarded and delivered to your audience in HD. 


Monetize digital content 

The platform means you can deliver shows beyond your auditorium to a global audience. A virtual theatre’s capacity is limitless. 

“It’s been an unprecedented year for Birmingham Royal Ballet, but we have all been impressed with the capabilities of TicketCo Media Services’ simplistic technology” said Paul James, Chief Commercial Officer at Birmingham Royal Ballet after its online broadcast of 'The Nutcracker'. 


Production solutions 

Many Spektrix customers who have streamed with us used The Umbrella Rooms for filming and sound production. 

Nathan Amzi

Nathan Amzi, The Umbrella Rooms 

“TicketCo Media Services have developed an easy-to-use integrated system with minimal room for error.

They understand the market and the importance of integrations that bring everything together. 

From creating events, multiple ticket types, tracking marketing, detailed reporting, hosting video on demand and delivering livestreams it is a breeze. From the smallest of houses to the largest they are adaptive and consistent. 

The biggest bonus is the ease of use, not just for us technically but also for the end user. The platform does the heavy lifting so we can spend more time on the creative, filming and delivering world class events.”


Easy to use

Combining streaming, payments, and marketing technology into one platform has created a truly unique solution. No fragmentation, no gaps in sales, and a great customer journey. 

“Theatre-goers have never had to use technology to access performances before, so it was crucial that our payment and broadcasting platform was simple, quick, reliable and cost-effective. TicketCo Media Services ticked all those boxes,” Simon Baker Technical Director at Wise Children. 


12 reasons to choose TicketCo Media Services with Spektrix 

  • Sell tickets to live streams (HD quality)
  • Sell tickets to video on demand (HD quality)
  • CRM and digital marketing integrated with your existing database
  • Combine virtual and physical tickets in one solution
  • End to end shopper journey without fragmentation
  • App for Apple TV, Android TV and Amazon Fire TV
  • Up-selling opportunities at checkout
  • E-commerce tracking and business intelligence
  • Country restrictions to control licensing
  • Digital Rights Management (DRM) for improved security
  • Branded shopper journey
  • Localised payment methods

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Watch a summary of what TicketCo can do for your organization:

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Joe Edwards writes for us on behalf of TicketCo Media Services