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How guest wi-fi can supercharge your visitor data - by Wireless Social

How guest wi-fi can supercharge your visitor data - by Wireless Social

Partner integrations are an integral part of our offer to Spektrix clients. Many of our users are already taking advantage of partner products and services to achieve even more with Spektrix. Claire Sherlock introduces Wireless Social and the many possibilities that come with capturing data through your guest wi-fi.

Introducing Wireless Social


Better understand your customers and supercharge your Spektrix CRM system with Wireless Social Guest Wi-Fi.

Venues can struggle to collect profile data from everyone that attends events, because ticketing and reservation platforms only collect data from the lead booker. So how can you better understand all of your customers, unlock segmentation opportunities to target them with relevant news and offers, and build even more extensive reporting?

Enter Wireless Social, the leading provider of guest wi-fi in the hospitality and leisure sectors.

Wireless Social counts well-known high street venues such as Everyman Cinema, Tenpin, Wingstop, TGI Friday’s and Junkyard Golf among our customers, as well as independents. With over 10 years' experience, we are trusted by over 5000 venues worldwide to look after their guest wi-fi and data capture.

Supercharge your data collection

On average, 70% of visitors who log into a Wireless Social guest network opt-in to receive marketing from the venue they’re at, which is far above the industry standard.

That's a massive increase in customer records being funnelled into your CRM platform and a huge amount of insight available to help shape not only marketing, but business decisions based on demographics and guest behaviour.

The integration of Wireless Social with Spektrix allows for data including name, DOB, gender, email address, mobile number, venue visited, time of day, and number of visits to be collected and written back into Spektrix. This set-up can be tailored to suit your marketing and business needs and can include any data field required to help you make the best of the data capture opportunity. On average, each wi-fi login provides around 360 data points about the guest, from the time of login to what pages they ‘like’ on Facebook.

For example, you could layer customers’ booking data in Spektrix with data populated by Wireless to refine and personalise communications; identify and target people who have visited your venue but never booked; or use the Spektrix/dotdigital email automation to power bespoke offers for that evening’s performance or merchandise for visitors at the venue.

Don’t just take our word for it!

Live entertainment venue, Viva Blackpool, is one of the first businesses to use this new integration to its fullest.

Martin Heywood, Managing Director of Viva Blackpool, said:

We’re really pleased we've managed to get this up and running! It gives us a much clearer picture of our customer profile (we’d previously been limited to collecting data from the 'booker' only) and it also has the benefit of collecting further information about our booking customers which we sometimes struggle to collect in our previous customer touch points - by topping up existing customer CRM records with further information (such as DOB, gender and additional contact details).

We also now get to link in customers from one of our other venues into Spektrix in order to centralise where we keep data - which again is great for data profiling for the audience for that particular venue.

We've seen over 8000 pieces of customer data either created or updated since we went live - and we predict we will be adding up to 500 pieces of new customer data per week when we hit our seasonal months this year.


Smooth and easy set-up

Once you’re signed up with Wireless Social, all new customers are assigned a dedicated Account Manager and Customer Success contact, who make the onboarding process as simple as possible - they set up everything from the branded splash page and CRM API feed. All you have to do is say “yes, I like the way that looks!”

Some of the key features include:

In addition to the sheer volume of data collection, some of the other key features include

  • Branded Wi-Fi login journeys
  • Personalised landing pages - redirect guests to your website, social media, Order & Pay or a membership sign up page.
  • Run a survey on the login journey to find out more about your guests, for example, “who do you usually visit the theatre with?”
  • Guest profile and contact data automatically passed into CRM platforms via API
  • Fully GDPR compliant data capture
  • Access to online reporting dashboard to segment and download data
  • Joint data controllers as standard, however other options can be explored as needed

Get in touch

We’d love to have a chat! Send us an email to, or call our team on +44 1772 521171. We have customers all over the globe, and we’d love to know how we can help your business maximise your visitor data. Or find out more about Wireless Social on our website, in this short video and on the Spektrix Partner Directory.

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Claire Sherlock is the Marketing Manager of Wireless Social.