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Introducing Multiple Offers

Introducing Multiple Offers

One of the features we love most here at Spektrix is the Offers tool, which allows you to apply all sorts of clever offers and discounts to grow yield, encourage customers to book in certain ways, or drive sales to specific shows.

But in the past, customers have only been able to apply one offer to their basket at a time. After all you wouldn’t often want a customer taking advantage of multiple offers and getting their tickets for nothing .

However, if a customer wants to get a multibuy offer for buying three events in your season, a family ticket for your Christmas show, and a member’s discount for a couple more shows...we think you should be able to do all of that in one go!

It’s one of the requests we’ve heard the most from our users so with that in mind, we’re excited to announce the new Multiple Offers feature.


How does it work?

Offers can get pretty complicated so we’ve tried to keep things as simple as possible, with just one cardinal rule. Where in the past it was always the case that each basket could only have one offer applied to it, the new rule is that each ticket can only have one offer applied to it.

The system looks for the single offer which will give the biggest discount if applied to the whole basket. Once it has applied that offer, it will look for the best offer to apply to any tickets which have not yet been discounted, and so on.

That’s all well and good but we understand that you might want to go into a bit more detail with your offers, so we’ve also come up with some clever ways of letting you set the priority for when your offers should apply, or applying limits across whole groups of offers.


What’s the benefit?

There are all sorts of benefits to using multiple offers!

  • Keep things simple for your customers. Instead of having to make multiple transactions they can do everything in one go.
  • Gives you more flexibility with pricing. For instance allowing you to use more Package offers which combine tickets with merchandise, encouraging more customers to buy programmes or drinks vouchers up front, increasing your spend per head.
  • Apply all your offers in one basket. It also means that, if you have various offers set up for friends or members with different discounts applied to different events, these can now all apply in one basket.

We think this is only the tip of the iceberg, and we can’t wait to see all the ways you find to use this new tool.


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