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Spektrix will bring you into the 21st-century with a modern cloud-based system

Unlike other providers who host their services “in the cloud”, our strategy is “serverless”. This means we build our software on world-class cloud platforms - mainly Microsoft Azure - which run the underlying servers for us. We can rely on those providers to keep servers maintained and secured, and to scale our resources quickly and seamlessly in response to peaks in demand. Meanwhile, our teams can focus on maintaining and improving the Spektrix system itself, rather than maintaining thousands of servers.

These organizations have already moved from Theatre Manager to Spektrix

They're now benefitting from a modern system that is always up to date and available everywhere you need it.


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We’re constantly building on our solution.

A new version of the Spektrix software is released nearly every day, so you'll benefit from new features and performance improvements straight away. For our users, upgrades are seamless - there's no system downtime, and no need to worry that anything might go wrong.

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We’ll ensure your switch to Spektrix is streamlined and secure.

You'll be supported by a dedicated project manager and data migration team and designed around your other priorities. With comprehensive training pre and post-Go Live, and our expert support team on hand as soon as you’re up and running, for the first year or so of our partnership we’ll be investing heavily in your future success.

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Work smarter with powerful automations for your communication and internal processes.

Automatically tag customer records based on changing behaviors, powering refined segmentation and dynamic content. Automate reports to reach front of house teams, leadership or agencies at regular intervals; set up emails to thank donors, provide pre-visit information or deliver vouchers; or build multi-step email programs to build lasting connections.

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