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When you sell tickets through Spektrix, every transaction takes place on your own website, giving you full control over your patrons’ experience and complete visibility of purchasing  and giving behaviors.

We work in partnership with you and your web developer throughout implementation and beyond, helping you meet the expectations of contemporary theater and live event audiences, every step of the way.

Arts audiences want easy online booking journeys



of performing arts ticket buyers say they’d prefer to book online where possible


of performing arts ticket buyers want to be able to book using a smartphone

Source: Capacity Interactive Performing Arts Ticket Buyer Media Usage Study 2021


How do your booking figures measure up?
Is your website giving ticket buyers what they’re looking for?
How often have you been frustrated by a booking journey when you wanted to make a purchase online?


Other Platforms Spektrix
Many ticketing platforms divert patrons to a separate site at the point of purchase - just when it’s most vital to understand their behaviors and streamline their booking pathway.
Spektrix keeps patrons on your own site using a choice of iframe and API integrations, giving you full visibility of their actions and supporting your brand identity.
Patrons lose confidence and don’t want to trust their data or financial details to a website that’s not part of your brand.
Patrons feel confident to trust a website that retains your own design, brand and story.
You lose the ability to curate the booking journey and may be unable to cross-sell targeted events, upsell merchandise or encourage donations.
Patrons experience a tailored booking journey, receiving information about offers, funds and subscriptions that are relevant to their interests.
You lose vital data helping you segment audiences based on real-life behaviors, and target potential donors or subscribers with the next step in the loyalty pipeline.
You build a rich bank of data helping you to promote reattendance and increase revenue across ticket sales and individual giving channels.
Talk to our in-house website experts about what’s possible with an integrated online booking journey.

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Every year, Spektrix helps more organizations like yours meet the needs of their patrons online

Since 2014, online transactions processed through Spektrix have grown from 43% of sales to 71%

The number of online transactions completed by Spektrix users continues to grow. Since 2014, we've seen a 30% increase and expect the trend to continue.

We support you and your web developers to imagine better website journeys


  • We’ll meet you and your developers regularly throughout implementation, helping keep the project on track and ensuring you have a great site ready for launch.
  • Our in-house team of integrations specialists will advise you on good practice and offer guidance if you’re tendering for a new web agency.
  • Data from 600+ organizations like yours helps you to benchmark current practice and discover what audiences need.
  • Meet talented, creative web developers with experience of Spektrix integrations through the Spektrix Partner Directory.


  • We’ll meet you regularly throughout implementation, helping you stay on track and ensuring you have everything you need to prepare for launch.
  • Full documentation for building an integration with Spektrix is available free of charge to all developers.
  • Client Success and integrations teams can support developers directly with technical questions, examples and advice.
  • Talk to us today - we’ll help you to understand what’s possible with Spektrix, scope briefs and budget for integrations.

Great website features for online sales and donations

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Mobile-friendly booking journey

spektrix feature mobile purchase lookingglass


Google Analytics 4 and Tag Manager compatible
technology people looking at spektrix report on desktop

Event search/filters

US Sales IBUS websites filters waterville

Personalized “My Account” widget

US Sales IBUS websites account widget cape symph

Newsletter sign ups

newsletter signup for Honens International

Contact-free ticketing


Custom donation asks in the booking journey


Merchandise prompts

Merch prompt at Bard on the Beach