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Spektrix for Marketing

Working Together to Increase Revenue


Maximize every income stream with a collaborative approach to patron experience in the arts

Expert guidance to unite marketing, box office and fundraising teams around shared goals of revenue maximization, patron experience and data-led strategy.

Learn how to:

  • Increase revenue across a busy arts organization
  • Capitalize on great audience experiences
  • Improve revenue, even when you're at capacity
  • Get buy-in to make revenue growth a reality

Cover of a guidebook, Working Together to Increase Revenue


Start increasing income in your arts organization today

Download our guide to enjoy top tips, best practice, step-by-step guides and examples for your theater or arts center.

Holden Wertheimer-Meier
"Arts organizations have so much more to offer their customers than just selling tickets. By working together with your colleagues and audience members, it’s possible to transform revenue generation, improve customer satisfaction and even build a more collaborative workplace. Whether you work in marketing, box office, fundraising or leadership, this guide will show you how to boost revenue by increasing attendance, maximizing inventory, and increasing visitor spend. We hope you find it useful!"
Holden Wertheimer-Meier
Account Executive

Increasing revenue in a busy arts organization

In a busy arts organization, there’s not a whole lot to spare. Time’s tight, budgets are tight, and everyone’s focused on their own priorities. It can feel easier to keep doing what you’re doing, than to step back and ask if there’s a better way.

By building a successful, resilient arts organization, you’ll be able to:

Experiment boldly with your offer to patrons
Boost revenue across every income stream
Improve experience for your audiences and team


Hands working together to review data and improve audience experience

Capitalize on a great audience experience

Increase revenue across your organization by building great relationships with your patrons, making them more likely to visit again, to spend time in your building, and to donate to your campaigns. 

Increase revenue at every touchpoint with audience development ideas designed to help you:

• Maximize the frequency and value of visits
Build great experiences for every patron
• Understand customer behaviors online and in-person
a chart demonstrating the positive impact of good audience experiences on audience loyalty

Improve revenue, even when you're at capacity

When all or some of your events are selling at capacity, you’re faced with a new challenge - continuing to improve revenue, beyond the ability to sell tickets. All of the upselling and cross-selling tips we’ve explored so far can help you build on your success, but it might be time for a new approach. Invest a little more time or budget, and level up your capacity to build regular income and secondary spend.

Look beyond tickets to increase overall spend, with ideas to:

• Build loyalty through subscriptions and memberships
Synchronize data across multiple touchpoints
Increase the value of every visit
a chart demonstrating the long term financial viability of investing in your audience

Getting buy-in from your organization

By providing the best possible patron experience at every touchpoint you’ll benefit your entire organization, build loyal audiences, and help upskill your teams. But that doesn’t mean it will be easy. With competing priorities in every department, you’ll likely encounter resistance from team members who are already pressed for time, and from senior leadership who are wary of risky new ideas.

Get your whole team involved in revenue generation, in order to:

Embed good practice and explore new ideas
Design campaigns collaboratively
• Access budget and resources to deliver more
an image of hands holding plants to demonstrate an entire team working to grow their audience
Cover of a guidebook, Working Together to Increase Revenue


Drive revenue across every income channel

Fundraising, secondary spend, memberships  fresh ideas designed for your theater or arts center.