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Video hosting for performance - by OVERTURE+

Video hosting for performance - by OVERTURE+

As part of our series showcasing the options Spektrix users have for adopting video, Ashley Dinges from Overture+ introduces a performance video hosting platform for live and on-demand content. 

OVERTURE+ is a technology solution for performing arts producers and presenters to securely stream content. We are thrilled to officially announce our new API integration with Spektrix.

Developed directly in response to the Covid-19 pandemic and subsequent industry shutdown, OVERTURE+ is currently powering streaming productions from more than 150 clients worldwide. OVERTURE+ is a joint partnership between the Tony Award-winning producers at GFour Productions and the developers at Surfcode Technologies.  

“In a world constantly fighting for content, we can finally change our thinking and address the long-held goals of cultivating new audiences, and making theatre more readily and inexpensively available”
Seth Greenleaf, OVERTURE+ CEO and co-founder

Platform Features

OVERTURE+ has streamlined audiences’ access to content while offering a robust suite of features and services, including:

  • Live or on-demand content: Choose either type of content, or a combination of both. For example, host a world premiere live event that switches immediately to an on-demand performance, all accessible within the same digital ticket.
  • White labeling: Audiences stay within your digital environment. All elements of the OVERTURE+ platform are customizable with your organisation/performance branding.
  • Watch parties and live chat: Schedule live viewings of recorded content, and host live chat with audiences during parties.
  • One-click access: Customized links automatically log patrons into their unique viewing link, reducing friction in the viewing process.  
  • Closed captions: Including multi-language options. 
  • Email reminders: Automatically set reminder emails to audiences using time-based triggers. 
  • User analytics: Access data on patron viewing habits per performance.
  • Flexible box office options: Opt to use the OVERTURE+ point-of-sale system or Spektrix integration for immediate link distribution.
  • Content packages:  Package and sell multiple productions with options for pricing customization. 

Content Security Features

Meet all of your union and rights requirements with highly customizable content security features, including:

  • Custom, unique links per ticket: Each ticket purchased generates a unique, custom link that is tracked per customer on the site backend.  
  • Password-protected paywall: Content lives behind a password-protected site, which automatically logs clients in.
  • Restrict view counts: Limit patron view counts based on rights requirements.
  • Time-based reservation expirations: Limit views based on time, for example, within 48 hours of purchase, or within 48 hours of the moment a customer begins to watch the performance.

Spektrix Integration

OVERTURE+ is now fully integrated with Spektrix. Using the API between systems, clients can sell their performances inside of the Spektrix system, which will automatically generate the customer’s unique link to view and populate it into their email receipt.


Affiliate Content Sharing + Collaboration

Recognizing the need for collaboration and innovation in our evolving industry, OVERTURE+ allows content creators to share their performances with participating presenters who can curate a digital season featuring professional productions from around the world. Producers and presenters split revenue from ticket sales, supporting each other and expanding their reach to new audiences.

Performances currently available for affiliate programming include 'She the People' (The Second City), 'Some Like it Hip Hop' (ZooNation: The Kate Prince Company), 'Menopause The Musical®' (GFour Productions), 'My Mother’s Italian, My Father’s Jewish', and 'I’m in Therapy!' (Penny Loafer Productions), 'The Art of Circus' (Cirque-Tacular Productions), 'Where Did We Sit on The Bus?' (Actors Theatre of Louisville), 'A Jew Grows in Brooklyn# (Jake Ehrenreich Productions) and more.

Additionally, OVERTURE+ is the exclusive streaming platform for the new musical 'Breathe', written by New York Times bestselling novelist Jodi Picoult and playwright Timothy Allen McDonald. The production features an all-star cast and is exclusively available to OVERTURE+ affiliates, with opportunity for local fundraiser events with the creative team.


Platform Pricing

All OVERTURE+ fees are per-reservation: clients pay for platform usage without any fixed or onboarding costs, and there are no monthly fees. This variable pricing intentionally helps clients project the exact fees they will incur, without any surprises.

Pricing levels are also cumulative based on sales volume over one calendar year. Price breaks take effect as clients continue to use the platform and volume increases, offering increased flexibility and reducing costs for returning clients. 

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Ashley Dinges is Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer at OVERTURE+