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Bryony Bell

Senior Marketing & Communications Manager, Spektrix

Why an inclusive culture is key to hiring and retaining great teams

Diverse recruitment is good for everyone. So how do you create an inclusive culture and share it with great candidates outside the arts sector?

The Future of Audience Loyalty: Your questions answered

Earlier this month we hosted two events exploring the Future of Loyalty in 2023 and beyond. We’re hugely grateful to the expert partners who shared...

Rethinking Recruitment: Best practice ideas for hiring to CRM roles

Practical tips and inspiration for arts leaders recruiting to customer and donor relationship management roles in the cultural sector.

How to Measure Email Engagement After New Apple Mail Privacy Settings

Later today, Apple will add new privacy settings to iOS 15 for iPhone and iPad, and will later roll them out to MacOS Monterey for desktops and...

Spektrix is a Certified B Corporation

At Spektrix, we have always believed that arts and culture are important to the wellbeing of people and communities. This year we’ve evidenced that...