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Future-proofing Spektrix and Creating Capacity to Build and Improve

Spektrix has always been a true-cloud based system. This has become the norm for modern business software over the last 10+ years, with companies...

Payment Services Directive 2, Explained

Change is on the way for online consumers that every online retailer, ticket seller, and fundraiser should be aware of. Just as we are settling in a...

Facilitate space and resource bookings with Artifax and Spektrix

Spektrix and Artifax have combined forces to create a nifty way of saving arts organizations time and effort.

How to Improve Loyalty and Power Sales with Email Automation

We’ve moved past the point in the arts sector where one-size-fits-all email campaigns can successfully maximise revenue, improve loyalty, and drive...

From Thought to Purchase: get the Customer Journey Right in the Arts

Are you considering the whole customer journey?