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Actor's Express

How Atlanta’s “gutsiest” theatre company increased income by 65%

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Map location icon Atlanta, Georgia, US
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exterior view of Actor's Express theatre in Atlanta, Georgia
Performers onstage in The Rocky Horror Show at Actor's Express


Touted as Atlanta’s “gutsiest” theatre company, Actor’s Express was one of the first theaters in North America to use Spetrix, and we couldn’t be prouder of what they’ve achieved.


From the 2013-14 season to the 2016-17 season, earned income grew by 65%.


Now with Spektrix, Actor’s Express uses real-time box office data and easy drag-and-drop customer list building tools to create a customer list that is automatically updated based on the booking behavior of their patrons. This way when someone books a ticket for an upcoming run of shows, they are easily excluded from all subsequent email marketing communications about that show, instead receiving information about future shows.

This builds awareness about the production early, increases the ROI on marketing efforts and perhaps even more importantly, allows the theater to build a more positive and proactive relationship with customers.

Harnessing Data to Engage Audiences

“...at least half the reason our earned revenue grew so much is because we finally know who we are talking to, what shows they have seen already and what shows they would like to see again.”

Alex Scollon
Managing Director

Performers onstage in The Color Purple at Actor's Express

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