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5 Theatre Marketing Strategies to Increase Revenue

Brush up your current campaigns or start a new campaign from scratch, with five arts marketing strategies that you can use to boost revenue.

Facilitate space and resource bookings with Artifax and Spektrix

Spektrix and Artifax have combined forces to create a nifty way of saving arts organizations time and effort.

How to Improve Loyalty and Power Sales with Email Automation

We’ve moved past the point in the arts sector where one-size-fits-all email campaigns can successfully maximise revenue, improve loyalty, and drive...

How Multi-Buy Cross-Selling Solves Customer Churn

Customers who attend multiple events or reattend, are by definition more engaged and less likely to churn. As customers reattend you’re likely to...

Using Your Event CRM to Increase Secondary Spend

There’s more to sell than tickets. Your event CRM can highlight the right secondary spend add-ons to enhance your customers’ experience.

How to Build a Brilliant Festival Experience through Ticketing

Festivals are a huge part of entertainment across the world, and make up some of our biggest and most renowned arts and culture events – think of ...

Moves Management: Managing relationships the clever way

Put simply, Moves Management is a method of managing relationships. Whether you’re working in Fundraising, Sales or you just need to focus on...

Why you should Engage Young People in your Fundraising

Who do I mean by “young people” you may be asking? I guess it’s different for different organisations but in general I’m talking about those...

5 Creative Uses of Customer Tags in Spektrix

Tags in Spektrix are checkboxes against customer records which allow you to record pieces of information about each customer. These can be...

Introducing Multiple Offers

One of the features we love most here at Spektrix is the Offers tool, which allows you to apply all sorts of clever offers and discounts to grow...

From Thought to Purchase: get the Customer Journey Right in the Arts

Are you considering the whole customer journey?

Six Ways to Make the Most of Time in the Box Office

Time is often at a premium in box offices, but we all know that there are slow periods when the queues have gone down and the phones have stopped...